Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini Vacation...whoohoo!

I'll be gone a few days.  I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to fly to  Charlotte, NC to meet David.  I'll be gone Thursday thru Sunday. 

If anyone knows good restaurants or things to do in Charlotte, let me know.  We'll be staying uptown.  Right now, the only think I know that's going on there is Taste of Charlotte.  (Sorry, weight watchers!)

And since I can't seem to blog without pictures...don't act like you haven't said that before!  I'm going to show you a few of my new furniture!  I gave William my old stuff when he moved into his apartment.  Darn!  That meant I had to have new!


                                        I've always wanted a red couch! 

And since everybody is pretty much gone most of the time, I got a love seat.


                           Bought David a recliner...every man needs one!


                                                Same stuff, different view!

Sorry the pictures are so dark on here, but if you're really interested you know the on 'em!




  1. Your new furniture looks pretty!

    Hope you have a good time in Charlotte.

  2. Have a lovely trip! Yes I hate it when I hafta buy new furniture too - haha! Nice stuff and looks comfy!

  3. Beautiful new furniture, Debbie! I love the colors!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip- come back with lots of pictures and stories of your adventure!