Friday, December 31, 2010

The end!

This will be the last time I write this blog...

The last time I'll ever have to cook...

The last time I'll ever take a shower...

The last time I'll ever say..."I love you!

...Until next year!





Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a dog's life:


A dog's life is without responsibilities.   Eating, sleeping, scratching, barking, sniffing and licking.



Yep, I wanna come back as a dog in my next life!



Sunday, December 26, 2010

We had a visitor over the week-end...

Old Man Winter dropped in.... 

We took pictures of it:  


We walked in it:


Some of us played in it:


Some of us liked it and some of us didn't...just sayin'!




Saturday, December 25, 2010


         I wish you a good Christmas,

         I wish you to be with the ones you love,

         I wish you to be kind and think of others,

         I wish you health and happiness.

         I wish you a good New Year and,

         I wish you my love and friendship!




Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost: Fat man wearing red velvet.

He has my jolly...I need it back!

I've lost my enthusiasm for Christmas.  I'm still working on one...last...present.  I have many to wrap.  Groceries to buy.  Cookies to make.  House to clean.  Food to cook. 


What am I doing on the computer?


I'll talk to you sometime after Christmas.

Have a merry one!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mystery Picture...

Can you guess the mystery picture?


It's this...


Which was this:


and now is this:


and this:


and this:


Cute, huh?

'Bama Girl came home Monday and wanted her hair cut.  Scared me!  That short?  Are you sure?  There's no going back.  Are you sure?  Really, really sure?  She was. 



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still quiltin'

I've been doing quite a bit of quilting over the past couple of months.  I'm done with most of the Christmas gifts, although I have one that needs the binding finished and another that needs to be quilted.  I had to order gray flannel for the backing on the one that needs to be quilted because you can't find gray flannel in stores...anywhere!  Believe me...I looked!  And since these are Christmas gifts, I'll have pictures "after" Christmas!

But I do have pictures of the third one 'Bama Girl and I made for her future in-laws...this one is for future father-in-law's wife (if you can follow that!):


I finished it while I was in Ohio and 'Bama Girl put the binding favorite part...Not!

Here's some pictures of what happens  behind the scenes of "getting a picture of the quilt":

Fiance gets a phone call:


'Bama Girl? 


I don't always use a pattern for my quilt...I didn't for this one or the one below.  But...I decided I would on another one that I had been coveting.  It is just like the one above except the 4-patch is smaller...2".  You are suppose to cut 2 and white...1 1/2" wide, sew together, then cut into 1 1/2" segments to make a 4-patch and then sew to a 2 1/2" solid square.  No matter what I did (and I did it 3 times)  I could not get the 4-patch to come out the right size to match the corresponding square...I checked my seams...all quarter inch!  I checked my cutting measurements...all cut right.  What the heck? That one has been put on the back burner and I'll re-start it another time....Christmas is stressful enough without having to take a quilt apart!

So now...while I'm waiting on the mail...I've started a another...for me...I hope!  And the reason I say this?  The one above?  It was suppose to be mine!  Oh, well...I'm liking this one even more!



I don't think I showed what else I worked on when I was in Ohio.  I needed a portable project and I crochet, so this is what I made:


And between all this?  I bought a new tree...pre-lit...took my old one to 'Bama Girl, went Christmas shopping with her, and finally decorated my house:




Sorry...I didn't realize this post would be so lengthy or so photo-filled!  And on that more picture.  Of the grand-pup!...Teddy!





Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fishes and Pinwheels...Quilted Christmas Gifts...

I'm just now getting around to posting this...Turkey day had me laid out for a few days.  (Laid out on the couch like a lazy bum!)  But forget you heard that because...

Heck, yeah!  'Bama Girl and I were busy over the holiday...we finished three..yes, three quilts for her future family-in-law!  And we is the is the word of the week!  She did a lot of the sewing and quilting on these!  Although, unfortunately I only have pictures of two.  'Bama Girl took one home with her to finish the, never fear, I'll have the pictures of that one later!





This is for future father-in-law.



This one is for the 3-year old sister-in-law!

Every time we tried to take a picture, the wind would blow, so this was the best we could get!

We had our first snow fall last night...but thanks goodness, no white stuff on the ground!

And since it's so cold?....I'm going back to my warm bed for a while!



Monday, November 29, 2010

A Blast from the Past. November 29th, ...

1877, Thomas Edison demonstrated the phonograph.

1922, Howard Carter opened the tomb of King Tut.

1955, Howie Mandel was born.

1961, a monkey was launched into space.

1972, Pong the first commercial arcade game was released.

1978, I married the love of my life!

1986, Cary Grant died.

1988, my baby girl was born!


                       Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!



                                  Happy Birthday, Baby







Monday, November 22, 2010

Bias Diagonal Striped Binding Tutorial

How do you like that title?  I've never done a tutorial before, bear with me.

I wanted easy diagonal striped binding directions...on the bias...striped like a candy cane...but could not find one that I understood on the web.  So what does a girl do...? 

1.  Tries to figure it out herself.  She has a college education, surely it can't be this hard!

2.  It is!  Next...?

3.  Ruin a 1/3 yard of fabric!  Next...?

4.  Cry, cuss, cry some more!    Next...?

5.  Call Mother!  She'll know!

And...she did!  My grandmother showed her!  Thank goodness!

Note:  I 'm using a different piece of fabric for the tutorial than I did for the quilt I'm binding.

Tools:  Cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter

Step one: 

Place fabric face down on cutting board.  Line left side up on mat.


Step Two:

Bring right side of fabric down to left hand corner.


Step Three:

Cut fabric on diagonal.  (I found it really doesn't matter where as long as you're using the diagonal line on the mat.)


Step Four:

a.  With top portion that has been cut off  cut  a 2 1/2" strip.  Discard remainder of this top portion of fabric (or put into scrap bin!)


b.  Using bottom piece of fabric, flip upward to the diagonal line and cut another 2 1/2" strip.  (Continue cutting 2 1/2" strips until you have enough for the quilt you want binding on.)



Steps Four

a.  Line the two strips up:


b.  Sew on the diagonal;  trim ends and 'bunny ears'.



c.  Open and press.


To finish:

a.  Fold in half and press.




c.  Attach raw edges of binding and quilt together;  sew with machine.


d.  Turn binding towards back and hand sew into place.


Binding attached!


I'll show the finished quilt when I sew the binding on the whole thing!

Disclaimer to anyone who is reading this:

I am writing this tutorial so that I won't have to call my mother the next time I need diagonal biased binding!  I'm sure it probably won't be of much help to anyone else other than me, is what it is!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm floating down da river of da nile...

Seriously...I'm so in denial!  Can you believe Christmas is only 35 days away!  I feel like everything is so rushed this year.  Maybe because it still doesn't feel like is suppose to be in the 70's.  Crazy!

I hate the holidays being such a rush.  Thanksgiving is just 5 days away.  In the previous post I said we'll be with David's family on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday will have another dinner here.  This will be the first time 'Bama Girl's fiance' will be meeting the family.  Poor boy! 

Not only is next week Thanksgiving, but also 'Bama Girl's birthday and our anniversary.  Just sayin'. 

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought food for our dinner. Today, I'm probably going to do all my chopping...onions, celery, bell peppers, pickles, etc.   One new thing I'm adding to the menu this year is roasted brussels sprouts:

2 packages 'fresh'  brussels sprouts (about 48)

3 T olive oil   1 T  lemon juice       2 T  chopped garlic            salt and pepper

Cut brown end and any yellow leaves off sprouts.  Cut in half.  Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice; add garlic, salt and pepper.  Roast on pan at 400* for 30-40 min. stirring or shaking pan to turn sprouts over. 


They are so good...I also use the same recipe for roasted broccoli or cauliflower.  (I've always been anti-vegetables...unless they're fried, buttered or swimming in cheese or sauce...roasted veggies changed this!)

*Brussels or brussel sprouts?  I looked it's brussels sprouts with an 's'.

'Bama Girl came home Wednesday night and we spent two days making quilts for her to give to her future in-laws...I forgot to take pictures.  She took the one for Dain's Dad home to finish the binding, I have one on the quilting machine and one to finish putting borders on.  And one of mine to quilt and one to finish the binding on.  (Oh!  I do have a picture of the one on the frame!)



This was another thing I did while I was out yesterday: bought  more batting and even though I had a 40% off coupon it was still $150...(ridiculous!) and it wasn't even the kind I wanted...all they had was natural and I wanted white.  The manager called every store in a 45 mile radius and none of the three had any white!  What's up?                          

I may take the week off, but don't be surprised if I show up!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Riding the crazy train...

Can't find my, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc!  I hope I didn't leave them in Ohio!  (Update:  Found 'em! Where?  Where I keep the medicine...where else?)

Can't seem to get it together and plan a menu or even a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually eat at David's mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.  But, because I have a couple of spoiled brats ( bad!) I also cook a complete dinner here, too!

Got two quilts to 'quilt', one to finish sewing the top, one on the drawing board and one that I need to finish the binding on.  And this is what my kitchen and dining room look like:


I don't think I've shown the wall hanging I finished while I was gone and since it's not a's for 'Bama Girl:


I'm really trying to get into the Christmas spirit...but I need to get over over one holiday at a time!

Guess I'll go clean the kitchen and make some chicken salad...then nose to the grindstone on those quilting projects!



Monday, November 15, 2010

Yay! I'm home!

Today I spent my first full day at home.  I'm such a homebody and really hate being away.  So I'm a very happy person today!

So are these little guys:


                                                          "I missed you!"



I really didn't do a lot today, but I did make a "mug rug".  So easy, so fast!



But...not necessarily the cutest thing on the block!  I've got to make a few more and then I'll post some more pictures.  Maybe I'll get better and make some prettier ones!  Anyway...that's what I'm going to be doing tonight while I watch TV...Mike and Molly!  (Love this show!)  The Event (still not sure about this one!).  And since it's rainy and cold...I'll use my new mug rug for some cocoa and ...vanilla wafers! (That's all I have in the pantry! LOL!)