Friday, June 12, 2009

In the mood...

I don't do much 'crafting', mostly quilting..  But tonight the urge hit me!

Isn't this cute?


It's a fabric origami star.  Not much sewing, just 5 straight stitches to make the peaks of the star!

The sewing/office room is coming along, although I'm not sure how David's going to do in there!  (and I haven't even decorated it yet!)

I'll show you what the star is hanging on and you'll understand...


The armoir/tv cabinet is filled with fabric and the baskets on top hold supplies.


This is my cutting table...I didn't think I could sew in there, but it may be possible.

Anyway, I'm sure David will be fine...I'll show his side of the room another time.  (After I get some stuff on the walls!)




  1. Wow it's getting organized - looks great! I have a table I bought at Joanne's for cutting - perfect height - that folds down to fit in a corner when not in use. It's so handy! Would you have room for one of those? Did you ever see pictures of Alex's quilting studio on the old show "Simply Quilts"? Now that room was a dream!!!!

  2. I love your cute star! Your room looks great, too!
    Hugs, Susan

  3. I LOVE the star. Is it a pattern or did you get it off one of those fun Sites that are always doing tutorials? I'd love more details...but only if you don't mind.
    I once put an old 6 drawer dresser (3 drawers on each side), in my laundry room just to claim some little magic corner of our house for myself. I took out the three right drawers, cut the drawer dividers away and it became a sewing table with three drawers on the left. It worked for years. : )

  4. I really like the star! I can picture several of them on a Christmas tree with spools of thread and other notions. It would be cute!