Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Partially complete?

And...that would be an oxymoron!

But yes part of my kitchen is finished.  The island will be done later...right now, I can't decide whether to finish it in the same color or a different one.  I'm also on the fence about the new wall color...and should I install bead board.  Decisions, decisions!

Now...for the big 'partial' reveal:

But first...remember what it looked like before:


And now:



Bottom cabinets:


The island redo will have to be started after the weekend.  I'm expecting David and 'Bama Girl to come in.  Lots of cooking and cleaning to do!



Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise Laundry Room Redo!

Betcha didn't know 'bout that didja?

Yeah, it was a surprise to me, too!   My sweet hubby had told me to look for a deal on a new washer/dryer.  Thursday afternoon, I found one...Thursday night I was painting the laundry room.

I don't have any before pictures, but believe me it was drab!

When I got the paint I thought it was turquoise, but 'Bama Girl said she thought it was more "Tiffany Blue".  She was right although you might not be able to tell because of the flash:


This is the new W/D:


These work like a dream!  My old set was close to 20 years old and worn out!  Definitely not energy efficient!

I had just gone to the Crow's Foot (an antique store in Eva) and bought a cute white table, so I went with the blue and white color scheme.


I had the molding with the hooks on it, but it was a 10 foot piece, so I cut it down.  I had to have somewhere to hang clothes!  The picture is one that I painted years ago, and the other things on the table are some that I had outside along with a vase I made...like the candle holders.  Closer look:


So...there you go!

I'm still working on the kitchen, but I've run into a snag.  Wanna see a sneak peek, though?


Remember...you can click on any of the pictures if you're really interested enough to see these close up! LOL

Well, I've got to get away from the computer, hang more cabinet doors, try to come up with a solution to the "problem" and then do a little (a very little!) cleaning around here!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Bed

I love my bed.  My king-sized, memory foam, soft bed.  It's covered with my white Pottery Barn coverlet which I bought to match my quilts.  I love my bed.

My jacked up bed.

My broke down bed.

My ghetto bed.

My hot mess of a bed.

My bed.

Why?  Why would I talk about my bed in such a disrespectful way?  Because...well, look!


Look closer.  Do you see it?  The cinder block and the piece of wood?    My lovely bed broke.   And not on my side...so no cracks about my weight!  It broke and I don't think it can be fixed...but maybe the part of the frame replaced?  In the meantime, I fixed it...ghetto or not!

***Note to my "Anonymous Readers", i.e. my family.  I love that you read my blog.   But...it would be nice if you occasionally wrote a comment.  You can do so anonymously and without having a blog.  What you do is:  Comment (something nice!) and sign it. 

Need examples?  Okay, I can call you out...

Your loving brother (you know who you are!)

Love,  Aunt "Sue"

Love Sis

To my favorite child, Love from your Mother

Love ya, Cousin Jethro

Your Nephew,  Slick

Your Sister-in-Law, Sweetie

Your Daughter/Son (Again...you know who you are!)

From your BFF, Sassy

I would love to know when you read it!   Just sayin'!  Thanks!  Love you!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary to MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

What anniversary, you ask?  Not my blog...not my wedding....so what is it?

Well, it's been 1 year since I quit smoking.  Yay!



*Note to my brother:  No wisecracks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yay me! 




Hobby Lobby had 80% off home accents.  The two white frames are 11 x 14...I've got plans for them.  I really don't know why they were on clearance.  They are the same frames on the shelf in the frame department...no nicks, no scratches...nothing.  One was $8 (reg. $23.99) and the other was $4.80 (not sure of the reg. price).  But...whatever.  I've got them now and I've got plans for them!  I'll share later (after I finish with the kitchen remodel!).

The shelf was almost overlooked.  I didn't need it...wasn't looking for it...but it jumped into my shopping cart when I wasn't looking.  A steal...regularly priced at $19.99.  Mine for a measly $4. 

So...it was worth it for me to go into town today!  (This was better than going to a thrift shop!)

Hope you all had a good day, too!



Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Crafting...

Continuing with the cheap!  During Christmas, 'Bama Girl and I went shopping...are you shocked?  We went to The Old Farmer's Almanac General Store at the Shops of Grand River outlet mall.  And I saw this and wanted it:


The problem?  I didn't want to spend $10...told you I'm cheap!

So...I made this one:


Cost:  $1.00...I had the jar, bought hand soap with a pump at the Dollar Store!

And while I was at the Dollar Store I bought these:


And made these:


I had seen similar ones at home decor stores or in magazine and they cost anywhere from $14-$40!  Mine were $2.00!

I also worked on my kitchen cabinets...slow going!  But, hopefully the weather will stay pretty and mild for a few more days and I can get them finished!  (Then, I have wall painting to do!)


               Happy Valentine's Day!



Friday, February 11, 2011

Ballard Designs inspired...

I've been wanting something to put the cat and dog food into, but I really hate spending so much money on something so mundane!  And the ones I really wanted were not cheap:


But..."gasp"...I am!  So...this is what I came up with:


Price?...$ZERO!  The canisters had protein powder in them and the alphabets are scrapbook stickers. 

FYI:  Kitchen remodel is still on.  I've just hit a snag.  I've painted and glazed all the cabinets and doors, except for the island.  (I'm thinking about doing the island a different color.)  I'm now waiting on the weather to clear up so that I can varnish everything.   I need to wait until the sun is shining and the weather is a little more mild to do this...I'm afraid if I don't, it will dry sticky.  And I don't need that!  So...next week, the temps are suppose to be in the 60's **squeal** and sunny  **squeal**!  I'm so ready for some springtime weather, even if it doesn't last.

Gotta go do some cleaning and maybe some more crafting today!



Saturday, February 5, 2011


Lazy day...



Bad hair day...



                                            Have a good one!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silhouette SD...Love it, want it, need it (well...maybe not need it!)

But I seriously want it...badly...!  Just sayin'!


I'm sure many of you already know what it is...but I'm always a day late and a dollar short!  So....


*What is it?

The Silhouette SD is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer allowing you to cut fonts and images in cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer material, etc.


*What can it make?

The Silhouette can be used to create scrapbooks, cards, home decor, custom apparel, school projects, glass etched projects, stencils, etc.

*From:  http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/


Too bad my birthday and Christmas has past!  LOL  (...next year!)