Monday, May 30, 2011

Melt Down

It's hot...H.O.T!  (I know...I'm just stating the obvious!)

I've made some new decisions.  Because it's summer, I don't always have time to write.  But, I don't want to give it up or take a break.  I'm selfish like that...and I might have something exciting to say and if I say I'm taking a break, you might not check in with me and then, you'd miss it!  (How's that for a run-on sentence, Professor?)  So?'s Monday!

Wanna see what I've been doing?  I've been putting rocks down around the pool.  "We"  were having to mow or use the weed eater on the grass which caused it to blow into the pool.  A lot of work...really!  And BTW, I don't know who the "we" is, Kimosabe...'cause I'm the only one doin' it!



After:  Same corner.                                 


I've also started working on a dresser for William...he doesn't have one.  What?...that's because I took his armoire and I'm using it in my sewing room.  So, this is what I bought:


Hideous...right?  Somebody got happy with a sponge!  I really can't show the after, because I don't have it yet.  I've started on it.  I can tell you that it's going to be a light gray.  When I asked William what color he wanted, his answer was, "Everything in my bedroom is black, brown or choose."  I did.

I've been doing other stuff, too.  Bush hogging, mowing, taking care of the cows...just nothing blog worthy.  So, if something happens, I'll write another post.  See?  That's the genius of my decision.  I'll for sure write on Monday, but if I need or want to, I can write more!



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time flies...

This will be the second time I've written this bad computer keeps shutting down and losing everything.  So, I'm going to get this done quickly!

I've got to apologize for losing the entire month of May!  Where did it go?  I've only written one other wonder I'm losing readers...even my mother has quit checking to see if I've updated!

One of the reasons I've not written is the tornadoes.  Even though I wasn't directly affected, it does take a toll on the nerves.  Every part of our state is part of a disaster.  Trees are down everywhere.  Houses gone.  Businesses gone.  People's lives are gone.

Monday, I had to go to Tuscaloosa with 'Bama Girl to help her find a new apartment.  Even though I had seen Cullman and the devastation here, I still wasn't prepared.  Even the drive down I-65 is bad.  Coming down McFarland Drive in Tuscaloosa, everything looks okay, but then you're slapped in the face by it.  For example:


This is Hobby Lobby and the debris?  Milo's Hamburgers and Full Moon Barbeque.  Across the street?  Krispy Kreme...gone.  But to be honest, pictures don't do the damage justice.  To be in the middle of it all is the real slap in the face.  And I can't even imagine what it must be like to be one of the survivors of this.  My heart goes out to them.

To other news, we did find 'Bama Girl a new apartment.  And she has two new roomies, one is from Ohio and the other from Mobile, AL.  They all start law school in the fall.  Roll Tide!

Plus we bought 'Bama Girl a new car!  Bye-bye, Tracker!


Hell000o, Cruze!


And on the home front...WE HAVE COWS!  We now have registered Angus cattle.  Thursday, we got three:  Savannah, Stephanie, and Asia...not names I would have chosen, but these are their registered names.  And...the woman who had them, kept them as pets.


And then...we got 7 more.


Now, we have a herd of 10 cows.  In September, we'll have 15 after the babies are born!  *squeal*...I love babies!

I had a chance to buy a Gammill quilting machine for a very, very good price.  But, it had a 14 foot table and I had no place to put it, except in the garage or David's shop.  I was afraid it would get dirt in the mechanisms and in the tracks of the frame.  I'm very sad.  I really, really wanted it. But, I have a "good enough" quilting machine and that's life, so I really need to get over myself, quit whining, and make a quilt!

Not much else has happened, except I think I've might have been bit by a spider. I think I'll probably go to the doctor tomorrow. There are blisters, redness and swelling around the bite area. It's also very hot and I'm having a few flu-like symptoms. Ugh!

**Just got home from the Doctor's office and he said that I'd definitely been bitten by a spider.  He said it was either a brown recluse or a black widow...he wasn't sure which, but gave me some antibiotics and told me not to be playing with spiders anymore!

That's all, folks!



Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, things are slowly getting back to normal for us.  And hopefully for others in the neighborhood and our community after the tornadoes.

But, what is normal?  For me...hmmmm...let's see!  Just a a little heads up..I'm in a mood today!

True story:

Not too long ago,  I was driving down my long driveway and a white cat ran in front of my car and into the woods.  A few days later just about dark, I looked outside and saw something white.  I thought it was the cat.  So, I stood on my porch and started calling to it:  "Here kitty kitty.  C'mere kitty.  Kitty, kitty, kitty?..."  It was nearly dark, but I could see the "kitty" turn around and waddle to the barn...not a kitty!  But, I didn't know what it was...but, everybody laughed at me and said my "kitty" was a possum!  I said no.  It had a fluffy tail and was definitely not a possum!  I may not be the quickest bunny in the woods, but the village hasn't lost it's idiot yet ... I do know what a possum looks like!

So...the morning after the tornadoes, I hadn't slept all night, and went out onto the porch to see if there was any damage,  instead...I found my "kitty"!


                                                                 An albino skunk?

In other news, 'Bama Girl and the Fiance' were here.  Power was outin McCalla, so they came home...for food!  And in case you were wondering, the University of Alabama has re-scheduled graduation.  'Bama Girl will be graduating August 6th.  And if I didn't say...ya'll are all invited!  It's gonna be kinda strange, 'cause she'll already have been taking law classes.  (She's going to school this stopping that girl!) 

And...speaking of 'Bama Girl...wanna see what I got for Mother's Day?


After framing:


'Bama Girl is talented in more than one way!  Did you know she got an Art scholarship when she graduated from high school?  Really!

(I've got to stop this bragging!!)  BTW...I love William, too!  And am very proud of him!  He's doing well in the Digital Imaging program...but I'm not sure when classes will resume, because the campus was slightly hit by the tornadoes and I don't think power has been restored. 

Guess I'll go for now...'Bama Dad (David) came in last night and we're going to see a man about some cows! That makes me happy!   LOL!  The only problem with getting some cows is that I won't be able to bush hog as much...and you all know how much I love bush hogging!   One  more funny story:

Last weekend, David was home.  I was bush hogging a pasture...'Bama hat on, music on the i-Pod...gettin' it!  David brought me some water and said, "Darlin', I've bought you diamonds and pearls, Cadillacs and BMW's...but that darn green tractor has made you happier than any of that other!"  Yep!   I love my tractor!

But to prove I'm still a girly-girl...what do you think of this?


Purple fingernail polish?  Yes or no.  'Bama Girl didn't like it...I do.  I win.  I'm going to get some blue and green and there!  **sticking tongue out**  I guess she was just shocked that my nails were painted at all!  I usually only do my toenails...and only in the summer.  In the winter?  I just let the summer polish wear off!  TMI...gross, huh?

Well, I'll leave you with a picture of my polish peeling toenails burned into your brain!  You're very much welcome!