Monday, February 23, 2009

Wii and Mii

Hubby was not home Valentine's Day.  But when he came home this weekend, I got my present!  Now, all of you that got flowers that have died and candy that made you fat...don't be jealous!  'Cause my romantic man got me a Wii! 

DSC01889                                   DSC01890

And I love it!  I'm a golfing demon, I could beat the William's girls at tennis, and bowling...ha!  I also got the Wii that kicks my butt!  Seriously!  And I also bought the Jillian Micheals game (?)...she's one of the trainers from Biggest Loser.  I'm scared!  I haven't even opened the package yet!  But I will tomorrow...if I can move!  I've played it all day, and it's the most exercise I've had in a long time...okay, you can all laugh now!  But really, most of the time all I do is quilt or some other crafty type thing.   I do go walk the trail near my house, but that gets boring and I can't always get out because of the weather.  So...laugh all you want!  I'm happy!

Now that you've all picked yourselves up off the floor, I just wanted to say thanks for listening to me rant and rave...I had a few bad weeks...I was grouchy, everything I picked up...I dropped.  (I dropped 3 glasses in 2 days and they shattered everywhere!...I'm still picking up glass!)  It was just one of those days...errr...weeks!  But, I'm good and things are looking up!  ('Bama Girl is talking to me again, too...that helps!)


As you can see, Chance is wondering what on earth I'm doing on the computer when it's time for bed, so.....



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eyes wide open...


                         Life is not waiting for the storm to pass,
                                 but learning to dance in the rain.







Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been....GRUMPY!

I still am and probably shouldn't be writing this!  Sorry I've been away so long. 


I don't know why I'm so grouchy, but I'm so ill, I can hardly stand myself.  Maybe my age.  Maybe the weather.  Or maybe because I've had a headache since Sunday before last.  The doctor said it was tension....really?  REALLY??

(I'm throwing pictures in here to break up my tirade!)


                                     This is what Chance does...all day long! 


       He sits in the towel basket looking for people walking their dogs.

           When he sees one, he jumps down and comes to let me know.

And now...back to your scheduled program:

Maybe I'm a grump because 'Bama Girl is not speaking to me (yeah, she's alive and far as I know...she only speaks to me through text messages.  I messed up and made her mad.  I also involved someone else who didn't deserve her anger.  Long story.  I guess you can't be a mom and not step on toes sometimes!  Love hurts.) .  

Maybe I'm grouchy because hubby is working away again.  He left for Jessup, GA, although he did come home last weekend.  But...he won't be home this weekend...Valentine's Day.   BTW, I'm going to get a little more mean here!  Dear David...please don't send me flowers!  They die!  I know it's a sweet gesture, but send me something I'd a gift card from Hobby Lobby, Hancock's, Ebay...? was that for nasty?

Now don't you wish I'd stayed away a little while longer?

I have been working on a few quilts:



          If you click on this one, you can see the embroidery.

And this makes me's very bright and happy:


I've also been trying to find uses for some of my scraps, so this is what I've come up with:


                                         It's a pillowcase to match the quilt!

I really am sorry for the rant...hope I didn't leave anyone out!  Oops...I forgot Auburn Guy!  Another story for another day!  Bwahaha!  ( don't want to know about the check-out person at Wal-mart, or the visit to the eye doctor, or shopping at the grocery store...believe was not pretty!)

Guess I'll go now and take my hormone pill and a Xanax!