Friday, April 29, 2011

We're OK!!

To all my friends and family:

We're okay in Eva, which is just outside of Cullman, AL (they were hit bad by the tornadoes!) 'Bama Girl and Fiance' were not in Tuscaloosa...Thank God! So much ruin and so many people lost...not only in T-town, but all over North Alabama! The tornadoes passed over us, but hit all around. William and I were home, but safe. There is no electricity, phones, or internet (we're at a McDonald's in Hartselle (they have electricity) David has come in from Ohio with a generator, gas and food. My sister, Donna and brother-in-law, Woody (the ones working in Iraq) got in touch with us and they had a generator also. So, we have our fridge and some light and the radio.

I hope all my friends in Alabama are all okay and safe. As soon as we have power and internet, I'll be checking on you...'specially the ones in Attalla, Huntsville, and North know who you are!

Love to all my family in Louisiana and Iraq!!



Thursday, April 21, 2011


noun  \ˈmi-sə-ˌlā-nē

Definition of MISCELLANY

a plural : separate writings collected in one volume

 b : a collection of writings on various subjects


Uh huh.  If the title fits...

I was going to post yesterday, but I didn't have electricity from 5:30 am until 4 pm.  No electricity=no computer!  We had a lot of storms and apparently the straight-line winds knocked down trees and snapped off power lines.  Onward!

So many things got away from me lately...

One of them was that my sister and bro-in-law (who work in Iraq for a contractor) came to visit, fell in love with Alabama and decided to buy a home here!  Unfortunately they had to go back to Iraq one more time and then will be back in August to stay!  Aren't they cute?


                    It took forever to get this picture...she kept closing her eyes! 

We had gone to Hartselle, AL antiquing and went to Cahoots Cafe' to eat...cute place...antiques everywhere and each booth is different!


                                                    Looking up from our table.


                                           The bathroom!  Check out the tin ceiling!

On one of our shopping trips, I bought these wire baskets:


and this ladder:



I L.O.V.E. this ladder!  I'd been looking for one for a long, long time!  (I'll show the quilt top another time...I'm not finished and it's a *surprise*)

I've also been working on some furniture that I bought, but won't show now.  Well...just a peek:


Pretty ugly, huh?  Don't know when I'll be through with it 'cause it's spring in Alabama and you know what that means!  Yard work, yard work, yard work.  And bush hogging...I've already started!

And since this is spring and summer is coming up, I have so many things on my plate (graduation...finding 'Bama Girl a new apartment...did I mention yard work?) my postings will probably be few and far between!  I know ya'll know what I mean!  *gasp*    Some life...come before blogging!  Now, I didn't say I'd will just be more random than it is now!      



Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 weeks countdown

Warning:  Much bragging is included in the following post.

My baby was here this weekend.


                                                                 My Baby!

She graduates from the University of Alabama on May 7th.  With honors.  She's that smart and I'm not surprised,'s just unreal when as her parents,  you've raised her, lived with her, know her strengths and faults only to find out that other people know she's as special as her Dad and I think she is!  *tear*   Last weekend David and I went to Honor's Day at Alabama...she was awarded two in the Arts and Science College...that's huge...'cause, well...that part of the college is huge...lots of students graduating.  She got quite a few (many!) graduate school offers.  Lots of scholarships.  $100,000 offers.  Really, no lie.  I'm impressed...but again, not surprised.  She's always done everything she set out to do.  And she always will.  


                                                                           Us! for graduate school...she's made her decision.  She's going to The University of Alabama,  School of Law.  Roll Tide!  We're happy...she'll still be close to home and it's a really good law school.  Also,  she'll still be 'Bama Girl.  Not Penn St. Girl, Virginia Girl, or Notre Dame Girl.  I can still write about her and not change names...(and it's all about me and my blog...doncha' know!  *Grin*) 


                                           'Bama Girl and 'Bama Dad (He's so silly!)

Anyway, I just wanted to share, 'cause I know I've got some readers who've been with me since she started college and I thought ya'll would want to, I just plain ol' wanted to brag! 


                                                   'Bama Girl with her big brother!


                                                  'Bama Girl, Fiance' and "the ring"



Love you, 'Bama Girl!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How about a little whine with your breakfast?

I've got a sinus infection.  And if you live in the South...nuff said!  And if you don't?  Now is not the time to visit.  Why?  Because of this:


It's full of pollen and it's this:


On top of the pool, in the grass, on the patio, on the porch, on the outside furniture.   It clogs up the skimmers in the pool and the gutters on the roof.  You just can't get away from it.

And because of it... I can't breath and I can't talk..."I thound like thith!"

So.  I'm going to stay on the couch, pop a Musinex, wash it down with Alka Selzer Plus and count the used Kleenex on floor.  Be back later when I feel human again!