Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've changed...

Well, not me, but my blog or at least my name has!  There's no explaining why I had to change it, let's just say there were some personal problems that were interfering with the site I had.

I hope you all find me, I've been leaving comments because I didn't want to  leave a link on the other site.  If anyone else has a better idea how to do this, let me know.  I spent all day setting this up and manually adding blogs that I read.  It seems the only thing I lost were people who follow, if you want to, update my link if  you want to follow this blog.

So...on to happier stuff!

You know I've been working on my sewing room getting everything in place. 
Well...I've never had a design wall.  Now I do!  I'm so, so happy with makes me giggle!



Yeah, I know it's not the best picture...or the best blocks (just some I've been playing with)!  And I've got to cut and hem the sides.  I don't know why I'm apologizing!  I'm tickled with really helps when you're trying to get a design done.  Anyway...the best thing about it is what it's made of.  A plastic tablecloth!  Cheap, easy to find and (for me) the right size.  I will do the hemming and use something other than push pins to hang it later...but right now...I'm happy with it.

Well, I've been on the computer way too long trying to change everything with my blog, so I'll see you




  1. OK, so maybe I am taking a break from my break to wish you well at your new digs :)

    And I LOVE the red blocks! Fabulous!

  2. Love the quilt blocks. My husband's grandmother use to make beautiful quilts before she passed away. We are very fortunate to have several of them. I also have quilt tops that his great-grandmother did that I hope to someday quilt. I have never done it before but I think I can do it. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  3. Hey there Bama! What a clever idea for a design wall - and cute blocks too! Hope all is well kiddo - remember this too shall pass! Love the new digs here - what an ambitious undertaking! I'm about to take off for a week at the lake (with no computer!) but I'll manage to blog from a friends office maybe ONCE. Have a nice 4th!

  4. Hey Miss Debbie- I've been missing you! I'm glad you let me know how to find you... hope everything is alright?
    I LOVE the blocks- you do such wonderful work- I can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Your design wall is fabulous! I think the push pins gives it pazazz! Take Care and call me when you have time. :)

  6. Yea!! I found you. I'm might be moving soon, myself so let me know how this works for ya. Nice new dig, btw.

  7. Hi, Debbie, so nice to meet another AL girl! Thanks for stopping by. You'll have to come back today & see the beadboard project I just finished up. Hope you'll come back often.

  8. Thanks for leaving me a roadmap back to you. Hope you got everything straightened out. I know it can be a pain.

  9. Love the quilt blocks. You do sure beautiful work. Thanks for letting me know where to find you. I would have been very sad to lose you. Till later - Sharon