Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Timeworn Tuesday!


Yeah,yeah...I couldn't wait until Thrifty Thursday!  So I made my own day!

On a whim I stopped by the Downtown Mission Thrift Store today.  I sometimes find things there, but not usually.  The only real find I've gotten was a quilt.  But today, when I wasn't looking,  I found something I've been wanting for a long time!




It's a Singer just like my grandmother had.  She gave it to me when I was a teenager, but it was sold it in a garage sale.  I've looked for one like it for a long time.  Right now, it doesn't work.  The treadle still turns...unlike many I've found...but it doesn't have a belt.  It's been fitted with a Singer motor and light, but there's not a cord to plug in.  Hopefully, I'll find one.  Of course, the light cord is corroded and I'm sure the wiring would have to be replaced.   I'm really not sure it's worth all the trouble to fix it, 'cause I probably wouldn't use it...I'm sure I wouldn't!

The cabinet is in really good shape and all original except for the knobs.  But, I remember that my grandmother's had wooden knobs and some of those had split into, so I'm not surprised!

Oh!  I got a really good deal on it, too!  It was marked $100, but they took $80 for it.  I think that's a good deal...I'm gonna have to research it!

I just wanted to share!



Update:  After a bit of researching, I found out that my machine was issued in 1925...wow, at least something is older than me!


  1. My mother in law owned one of these foot powered sowing machines.

  2. Great find, Debbie. It's a lot like the one my mom had that I learned to sew on.

  3. Yay! I love "Timeworn Teusday", Debbie! That machine is wonderful- I just love the gorgeous cabinet!

  4. My grandmother had a singer like that with a treddle-no electricity. I wish I had it now. They are so cool.
    Hugs, Susan

  5. Hi there,
    I came over from the Farm Chick. Hope you don't mind. What a lovely treasure you found. Funny, I too, purchased an old pedal machine to remind me of my grandmother. : ) Your is a beauty.

  6. Awww, I bought one like yours a few years ago. I actually learned to sew on one like that a bazillion years ago. I bought my out of nostalgia. I refinished the cabinet part, repainted the ironwork, and still need a belt - just laziness at this point. I really SHOULD get one and try it out. I know I could sew over any thickness and it was less fussy than my "electric" modern machine. Enjoy yours - you might find parts on ebay.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for stopping by my place. Would you believe we went to Maubry Mill today! It is a lovely place to visit. We had our puppies with us so we didn't go to the resturant but on the Mill tour, the guide taught me a little about buckwheat. We may get up early one morning and go for breakfast before we leave. This is a wonderful place to visit; I'm sure it would be a wonderful place to live. I really like it!!! I'm posting pictures of the mill a little later. BTW, I have an old Singer like this one that belonged to my mother's grandmother. I think you have inspired me to clean it up and show it off. Till then - Sharon

  8. LittlePinkTrailerJune 12, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    Hey! I was about to update my blog when I saw your comment about the "Homely Girl" painting! I thought I would check out your blog and saw this post..Love it! Now, you'll never believe me, but go & see what I am posting about this afternoon! TEE HEE

  9. Thanks so much! Please stop by again!