Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ain't gonna happen!

What I want:


What I got:


                                                        View from the door!


                                         Some of the fabric is organized...HA!


                            Sorry, no you can appreciate the artwork!

                                                                Ninja Turtles!   

            I don't know why that's still there...I mean, really!  He's 23, not 3!  

I've finally done it!  Lost my mind?  Noooo...well, maybe!  No, I'm cleaning out William's room.  The room he lived in since he was 5 years baby's room...wahhhh!  I finally moved out the bed; the thrift store will be picking it up today...wahhhh!


                   It's probably a good thing he never looks at my blog!

So...I moved my cutting table out of the dining room.  David and I are going to share the extra and sewing 'storage'.  (I'm saying storage because I still have to sew on the dining room table...the cutting table vibrates from the machine.)

About sharing:  "Happiness is like a must share it to enjoy it."



Oh my goodness!  I opened a drawer to get the picture out and look what I found!


                       More fabric...that's frightening!

          I'd better look around...never know what I'll find!


  1. Made me chuckle. My son loved the Ninja turtles too. And it's funny, I'm looking at my office today wondering what I can do. I've got too much stuff and not enough room.

  2. You are one funny lady! Hey you can make YOUR half of the room look like your dream picture. Sure you can. In your dreams :) I have to share the office/den with hubs - its great when he's at work all day - not so much on weekends/evenings!

  3. I actually laughed out loud, even though I'm the only one home right now, when I saw the "What I got". Thanks for sharing. Nobody has one like the top photo except Martha know it, and I know it! : )

  4. The first picture made me YEARN - girl, I want one too! Every person who creates :) needs a space to create in.

    Sorry the dismantling of his old room is bittersweet. But how cool to have the extra space!

    OH! Have you seen Failure to Launch? If he asks what you did to his room tell him his Dad needed a NAKED ROOM (if you haven't watched that movie maybe you could rent it this weekend. I think you'll like it).

    Have a great weekend Debbie.

  5. We still have all of my son's Ninja Turtles in a crate in storage. I also have alot of fabric but I did manage to go through mine last year and give some of it away. However, like you it is frightening how much I stll have.


  6. Oh, Debbie! A very funny post but I must say I can identify with you 100%! Until my daughter gets married later this summer and moves out, I have nowhere to sew except the kitchen table. My machines and etc. are stacked in the den corner. Not a happy thing. I thought there for a minute you were going to say you found money you had hidden when you opened the drawer! Now that's a happy find. Later-