Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I won't suffer in silence...

any longer!  What won't I do for my faithful readers?  All ten of you!  I'll walk through fire, I'll share my most embarrassing moments, bend over backwards to please and entertain you!  Anything.

No...I'm joking!  I won't walk through fire!  But I will go out in the hot, , make your toes sweat, sizzling Alabama sun to take pictures (for you).  Because I know you don't want to hear about the laundry, or the argument I had with 'Bama Girl, or the dishes piled up in the sink. 

I will walk through mulch and those prickly little things that fall off a sweet gum tree (sweet gum balls?).  See:



Now, let's never mind the fact that I took the pictures, went back into the house to load them to my computer and found that I didn't have the memory card in the camera...I had to go back and redo the pictures!  Did I put shoes on?  No!  I was determined to do this (for you) and if I had to be in pain (for you) I'd do it!

Even these little guys thought I was losing my mind (for you)!


All for this:


Just to show that I have been doing something productive and not just sitting around eating bon-bons and watching a soap opera (I passed that phase many years ago)!  This is the new quilt for 'Bama Girl's new dorm room.  I have some more things in the works for the room that I'll show when I'm finished.  Speaking of being finished...yes, I know the quilt is not quilted yet.  But it will be soon.

So...that's enough of "Let me entertain you" today!  (You all know I'm joking, right?...right?...right?)