Saturday, June 28, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

or Freaky Friday:

We had to go to Huntsville (well, not had to...we went shopping). Of course, Bama Girl had to drive. Needless to say, we got a lot of attention!

Today, we're going to see the new movie Wall-E...I've seen the previews and it really looks cute. I'll let you know.

Best buds watching TV...must be really interesting...

Cartoons? No!

Animal Planet? No!

What Not to Wear...Of course!

On the remodeling front: Countertops will be here Tuesday...I hope...we'll see...I'm not very optimistic. Because they have taken so long, I've had to reschedule the flooring. But, if they do come Tuesday, my tile for the bathroom and kitchen floors will be installed on Wednesday; flooring and carpet for the other rooms will be done on the 7th and 8th.

Auburn Guy is still home, but he'll be leaving after the July 4th weekend...I think he's kinda bored here! 'Bama Girl moves back in on August 12th and starts band camp. Sometime in the middle of all this and the remodeling, I'm probably flying to Wyoming and then David and I will be driving back home doing some sightseeing on the way. Oh...just for you to know, something is wrong with keeps removing comments and other things. (I'm thinking I'll change to something else).

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flower Power!

Bama girl and I have been cutting out flowers all evening. Guess what we're doing with them?
(I'll let you know tomorrow!)

You'll never guess! Tee hee!



Sunday, June 22, 2008

My blog has "issues"

It's confused! Poor little thing doesn't know what it is. It started out as a " all things southern" blog, a mom blog, then a quilting blog, sewing blog, a 'me' blog, and more recently a remodeling blog. And now, after abandoning it for a few..uhhh 11...days, it's a cooking blog! No wonder it has issues...hmmmm, it's a lot like me huh?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been really slow around here, in other words...same song, different verse! But, here's an update to anyone who cares (okay... you've got my number...I'm begging for attention!)

I'm still plodding along with the remodeling. My countertops will (should) be in this week. Then, my flooring will be in on the 2nd of July! Yeah...I'll be finished except for buying new furniture, appliances, and bedding for my bedroom. The fun stuff!

Hubby is home this weekend, as well as Auburn Guy (I think he's a little lonely down there this summer as no one much is on campus, so there's not a lot of activity).

Now, for the cooking. To toot my own horn, I'm a really good cook! I didn't used to be. When David and I first got married, (he's from Alabama and I'm from Louisiana...maybe relevant, maybe not!), I couldn't all! My family are all good cooks...I'm a good eater. So I didn't have to cook, someone else always did! Anyway, when we married, he though he needed to eat something other than Micky D's and pizza. So...I had to learn. Many, many phone calls home. Many, many burnt pots of pintos and fried potatoes (An Alabama thing and his absolute favorite - I had never had them before! Where was I? I guess I was hiding under a rock eating gumbo!) But, he ate those beans...burnt and all! and I kept trying. If you've ever ate or smelled burnt bean, you'll understand! (This is one of his favorite stories!)

On to more relevant things...since everyone was home this weekend, I fixed a 'Sunday meal' except I cooked it on Friday. We had a roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, fried corn, and rolls. I can cook a mean roast and my gravy will make "you slap yo mama!" I don't have pictures of this meal, but this is not what it's about!

My whole reason for this is what I do with the leftovers of the roast! I can make a 101 things from the leftovers of an 8 lb. roast. Anyway...first we had the main meal, then I made roast salad (kinda like tuna or chicken salad but with roast - I always have to explain this - but, my kids love it! Chop the cold roast, add mayo and mustard - apples, onions, celery, if you want - my kids don't want! Serve on buns or the best way is on Kings Hawiian rolls) and today...

We're turning up the air conditioner and having vegetable beef soup and cornbread!

David and I also went blackberry picking this morning...all I can say is, it was HOT, HOT, HOT! and snakey! But this is what I came home with:
I was lucky to get this much after 'Bama Girl got into them, she eats them like candy!

And this is what I made:

Hope I didn't bore ya'll, but I missed you and hopefully things will pick up here soon!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ya'll shouldn't have encouraged me!

I was tired of painting and looking through some pictures, so I decided to share and show ya what hicks we really are!

My brothers, sister and I in our overalls!
(I'm the short one)

'Bama Girl in her's
(Notice she's barefoot!)

By the way, the picture with me in it was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway about 25 years ago when I lived in Mt. Airy, NC.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The life and times of a Redneck Diva

I try... really I do. I have a cute hairstyle. I love makeup. I have my special perfume. I wear jewelry. 'Bama Girl makes...I mean takes me shopping with her, so I have cute clothes. I like shoes. So...what's the problem?

You see, I have a nice pedicure..."Art Appreciation Apricot"...thought I was lookin' cute!

Yeah ...that was before. Before I realized what a redneck I am!
I worked all day yesterday. Watering the garden, making hot tamales, painting, tearing out sheetrock, dealing with the plumbing problems and the plumber. You name it, I did it!

And friend Bonnie came over. We were painting trim. Then...she asked "Have you looked at your feet lately?" Well, no...who has time to look at their feet? So I look down. All toes accounted polish chipped. Laughing uncontrollably, she asked if I had looked at the bottom lately? No, but...

Ewwww... much as I try, I just can't take the redneck out of the diva!



Monday, June 9, 2008

I feel so special!

Awww...look what I got! Sweetiepie sent them to sweet! Made my day (you don't want to know!)
And now I'd like to pass these on to three people. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Lynn - After the Dust Settles
Lorie - MeMe Lorie's
Susan - The Little Yellow House






Sunday, June 8, 2008

The straw that broke the camel's back!

Yeah, we've all had those days, those weeks!

The final straw was when my cable and internet went down for no reason at all. On Friday! The weekend! So, I spent 2 days on the phone explaining, cajoling, cussing, and crying to anyone who would listen. I talked to people in New York, Illinois, Montreal, and India (yeah, can you say "language barrier?"). Yes, my name is Debbie (for the 5th time!) I live at blah, blah, blah and the last four digits of my social security number is blah, blah, blah! Finally got an appointment for the cable guy to come on Saturday. But...called back when he didn't show and found out the appointment had been rescheduled for Sunday morning! Thanks for calling. The problem: The cable company had rerouted my service! Did I get a refund? Oh yeah....$8. Again, thanks for making me be on the phone 2 days, then staying home 2 days waiting on the cable guy, and for making my blood pressure rise!

Okay, enough!

Just wanted to give a shoutout (?) to all my friends who read and comment on my always surprises me that anyone does! So without further ado, thanks Meg, Jennifer, Susan, Valarie, Lorie, Joyce, Kim, Susan, Paula, Mary Anne, Tipper, Vickie, Lynn...and if I missed anyone...just know that I appreciate you and your kind words!

Guess I'll go now, lots to do tomorrow...make hot tamales (yummm!), paint, get a plumber back here, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Alone

Hallelujah! I'm alone! In the house by myself!

Auburn Guy went back this afternoon...I cried. I got over it.

'Bama Girl is at a friend's house...impromptu get-together with other 'Bama friends.

Don't get me wrong, I love both my kids with all my heart, but I've gotten used to having my alone time. I'm used to eating when I want, using all the hot water I want, not having to do laundry or dishes but once a week! And, since they've both lived on their own, they have gotten used to doing what they please...they've also forgotten what it's like to live with other people.

I got to finish all the painting in the master bath. Tomorrow I have to see if the tile I ordered came in (I'm afraid they're going to say it's not in stock anymore). If not, I'll have to go shopping for more.

I changed the color of the 'alcove' in the bath, mainly because I just didn't like the first. Brown and blue were my first choice anyway.

Kinda looks like chocolate milk!

My ...'s are getting out of control! So are my !'s. I think I'm going to change the !'s to ?'s. Then I'll sound like a teenager? All my sentences will end on an upnote? Hmmm...maybe not! There I go again. Maybe there's a 12 step program I can join. Punctuation anonymous? Punctuation Abusers? Rehab for the punctuation addict? Hi, my name is Debbie and I'm a punctuation addict.

Well, 'Bama Girl should be rolling in soon, I think I'll go take a bath before she gets here and so I can have hot water.



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Slow going...

My remodeling projects are taking longer than I expected...yeah, what else is new?

Auburn Guy, 'Bama Girl, and Chance are not helping matters either! Are we going somewhere today? Is there anything to eat? Are you through in there yet? No, no, and NO! Chance has been sick for 2 days - the shaking thing again. All he has wanted is for me to hold him, and I did. But tomorrow, I'm getting things done...I mean it!

Here's a few pictures of what I have gotten done:

This looks better in person. I had to re-plaster the arch above the window.

I'm 5'2" - This was not easy - even on a ladder!

I had to tear all this out before the plumber came and before I can tile.

Little things make me happy :)

I bought the faucet and was told it would be easy to replace. HA...I had to call a plumber because it needed to be welded. He came, he left...I had no hot water in the bath. He came back, I had to go get another faucet. Finally it was installed and I have hot water, now I can tile next week - if everything goes my way!

I wasn't sure if I liked the blue paint, but it matches the granite and the sorta looks like a condo at the Redneck Riviera (Gulf Shores!)...but it's growing on me. And it's only paint, it's only paint, it's only paint!

Well, I'm sure you've had enough of that! Sometime next week, I'm going to try and post a tutorial for a really cute top I made. We got the idea when 'Bama Girl bought a shirt at the mall (regular price $32.00, on sale for $19.00). It's a really simple and cute summertime top. It's made from a wife-beater (muscle shirt). Quick and easy!

I'm also a little peeved because there was an ad in the local paper that my gynecologist is moving to Huntsville. Well...lucky Huntsville...but what do I do? I guess drive to Huntsville! Like I need an excuse! But, do you know how hard it is to get a doctor you really like? It took me forever to find her. Oh well, it's only once a year, I'll manage. Yeah, I'm sure you wanted to hear all about that, too!

Guess it's bedtime, hope you all have a good week!