Monday, June 15, 2009

Stormy weather...

LOVE IT!  Yeah, I'm a freak.  I love a good storm.  Wind, thunder, lightening.  Yes, I love storms.  But I don't like tornadoes.  I don't like hail.  I don't like flooding.  We didn't have a tornado or 'real' flooding.  (My backyard could float a small boat, though!)  But look what we did have:


                     My front yard.  Bad picture, but...ha ha you get the picture.


                                                                   My backyard!

My son called and his apartment is less than a mile from me and he has no power and neither does my friend Bonnie who lives even closer.  'Bama Girl, who is working at my favorite store (NOT!) aka Wal Mart called to check on me.  They have no power either.  I guess I'm lucky!  'Bama Girl asked if I was okay and I told her I was, in fact I was outside taking pictures.  Guess what she said?  "Mutherrrrrr!" (She knew I'd be blogging about it!) gotta do what you gotta do to find something interesting to blog about!

I hope I don't have car or roof damage.  Some of that was at least golf ball size!

(Ya'll know that I know this isn't interesting! But I wanted to post some pictures for David to see, so...this was the best way!)




  1. I live in Somerville, and we received a lot of lightning, high winds and heavy rain but we did not get the hail thank goodness. My husband and I were outside during the beginning of the storm but quickly got inside. I don't mind the rain but I don't like the lightning. Thanks for sharing.


  2. WOW! You had a big hale/hail.. (heck how is that spelled) storm. Glad you kept power!

    We were driving home Sunday and at one point Bryan was looking for a funnel cloud. There was debris blowing all over the road and things looked scary.

    We saw lightening in Trussville that hit something and sent sparks into the air! 2 hours of our drive time was in some BAAAAAAD stuff.

  3. That's some pretty scary stuff, the hail! I had a brand new car a yr ago - hubs took it to play golf, got pounded by hail til my car looked dimpled as a golf ball. $6000 in damages to the car - it was the beginning of the end of that vehicle, a lemon. But I'll never forget that hail. We were up at the lake and the lake looked like a Disney fountain, the hail stones displaced water in splashes 10 ft. or more high - wishing I had MY camera for that one!

  4. I don't mind the storms during the daytime, but I sure don't like them at night!
    Hope your weather improves, Debbie-It's been rough here for the last couple of days!

  5. Hey, I like rain but anything else that may come with it I don't like. I was scrolling down your blog since it's been awhile since I've had a chance to come by and saw the great thrift store find. I love it and my grandmother had one of those and it brings back so many memories of her sitting there making potholders.

    I'm off to get some more cleaning done while the little one is at day camp. Take Care :)

  6. I love a good old thunderstorm too. But I don't like it when it gets vicious, and I dont like tornadoes.

  7. That's something else we have in common - I love storms! Tornado season in Alabama is as exciting to me as Christmas. I know - I'm nuts. Went to Williamsburg Pottery Factory Outlet Mall yesterday. I think it must have changed since you were here. Many of the stores are out of business. Parking lots nearly empty though there were a few shoppers. Still, lots and lots of good shopping there. Enjoyed it.