Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back, well...I've been back, but...

when we got in last Thursday, it was late.  Friday, I just didn't have any energy.  Saturday...I got sick.  A sinus infection, I guess.  Today is the first day I've felt like getting up off the couch!  So...I did.  I went outside to dig out all the monkey grass from around my sidewalk and...wait for it...I fell on my badonkadonk!  Now I have a huge bruise from my hip to my crack! (sorry for TMI!)  And I have a bruised and scrapped elbow...ouch!  I'm dreading tomorrow morning!  I'm gonna be one sore puppy!

We had a good time on the cruise, but it was pretty much what I expected...too many people laying in the sun, too much food, too many kids! (there were 700 children on the ship!)  Not that I don't like kids...just saying! 

But on the upside, David and I had a lot of time to spend together...something that's been in short supply lately!  Mexico was was great!  Bargain's were really good!  I found a bracelet and had to do a lot of bargaining and talking.  Here's a picture:


I also bought salt and pepper shakers to add to my Talavera pottery collection:


Here's a couple of pictures (of us, of course!)


                                                   As we we're boarding..         



Every time we turned around they were taking picture (to sell, of course!)  Anyway, David and I've decided that we're not the cruise kind of people.  The next vacation...we're flying!  Maybe to Hawaii or the Bahama's!

David has already gone back to work in Georgia for a month, William has gone to Auburn to move the rest of the stuff out of his apartment (he's decided he's not going back and for right now, will work with his dad.  He rented an apartment here in Decatur.)  'Bama Girl is at school.  All seems good at the moment!

I'll try to write more often...but I've got to catch up on everyone else first!