Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting’ Twiggy Wit It…

(Click on the music…it will all make sense eventually!)


You really don’t want to be in my head!  My mind is like a steel trap and believe me, you don’t want to get trapped in there!


Okay…on to what I really want to show you!  I’ve been “Getting twiggy with it”!  Bwahaha…get it? “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It?”  The song?  Never mind…

…I love stars and needed some to decorate with, so…field trip!  Really!  I went out to the field and picked up some sticks, added some glue and string and…Viola!

                                                   STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS! 







Actually they look better in person!  So come on over…see for yourself!




Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mama got a new tractor!

That’s right!  Y’all don’t be jealous!  My man got me a new…bigger…tractor!


Got a hay spear coming!  (My little tractor couldn’t handle a roll of hay.  That’s why I got a new one!)

Can you say “Redneck?”



Turkey and ham and dressing…Oh My!


Countdown to Thanksgiving!

But guess what?  ‘Bama Girl, Fiance’, and MFR (My Favorite Roomie!)  won’t be here…no, they won’t!  Neither will William! 

It’s just going to be the six of us…Me, David, Donna and Woody, Mr. Turkey and Mr. Ham!

I’m smoking a turkey, cooking a ham, dressing and gravy, rolls, deviled eggs, a pumpkin cheesecake and a plain cheesecake.

Donna is making chicken and dumplings, sweet potato casserole, broccoli salad and a peanut butter pie!

For four…4!…people!

I’m also making a green bean casserole and deviled eggs for the in-law dinner!  And a birthday cake!

David and I will be going to his Mother’s  for lunch on Thursday.  Then, we’ll come back to our house to eat dinner with Donna and Woody.

Friday, we’ll be going to Tuscaloosa to take the poor and pitiful (i.e.:   “… can’t cook ‘cause we have no money!”), over-worked  (i.e.:  “…exams next week!”)  law students!  Gotta love ‘em!

And then zoom back here for dinner with William!

Saturday?  Iron Bowl!



                                                     Roll Tide




Saturday, November 19, 2011

It’s coming…dum da dum dum

I’m not ready…


…but I did make a wreath…for David’s mother. 

I’m not sure she was ready either!



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


New word:

Miscellania…Welcome to my world.  Full of miscellaneous items of interest and randomnous!

November…so much going on!  Birthdays, holidays…busy, busy, busy!

                               Happy Birthday!


We went to Rosie’s Cantina in Huntsville for Donna and Woody’s birthday dinner.  But first, we also went **SHOCKER!** to an antique shop!  We didn’t buy anything, but will be going back!

OMG!  Did you realize that Thanksgiving is next week?  I was thinking (gotta stop that!) I still had 2 weeks…but no! It’s next week.   I’ve got to get my act together!

BamaGirl will be home…!  She’s been working so hard and we haven’t seen her in a while.  Law school is hard!  And takes up all your time!  I think when she graduates, they should name a library for her…or at least put a name plaque on a chair for her!  Anyway…I’ve got lots of can berries (cranberries…story to come later…) ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  Hopefully Dain will be here, too!  He eats…EVERYTHING!  Which I love, ‘cause why else would I cook?  **Note to self:  Find out if Dain, roomies, or other people will be here.

Okay…here’s the story on Thanksgiving cranberries!  When BamaGirl was little (4 or 5 years old) she thought we were saying can-berries instead of cranberries…makes sense, right?  Cranberries…can-berries…berries in a can!  She did the same thing with clams.  She thought we were saying clowns!  Such a cutie!  She’d go into a restaurant and order fried clowns!   We thought it was hilarious, until she went on vacation with a friend and ordered fried clowns…!  Everyone was a little perplexed!  As I said…such a cutie!

                         BamaGirl and her first day to step on the campus of UA…


November is also her birthday.  It’s also mine and David’s anniversary.  It’s also 4 weeks until Christmas and my birthday!  OH MY!  I’m late…I’m late!

Gotta go get my busy on!



Sunday, November 13, 2011

I’m Easy!

I’m easy to please and it only takes simple things to make me happy!

Donna and Wood (my sister and brother-in-law for those not in the know!) stopped by today and made me very happy!  I had mentioned that I really wanted something and they went out of their way to get it for me!  “Thanks y’all!)



See?  I told you I was easy!  I love it! 



Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Annabelle



                                                                     Isn’t she sassy?

                                                       All decked out for Christmas!

She’s a big girl, too…as big as Chance:


                                              And he’s really not too happy about it!

Donna and I went to a Christmas open house (antiques!) in Hartselle today!  And to Old Time Pottery.  And to another antique store.  And to an estate sale.  Wheeeee!



This is what I bought at the estate sale!  It’s Pyrex…and called Homestead!  I was good!  It’s all I bought….at the estate sale! 

I’ve got to go spend a little time with Chance and David since I’ve been gone all day!  So…



PS:  I know you’re all in shock because I’ve posted two days in a row, so…pick yourselves up off the floor and go on about your business…it probably won’t happen again for a while!  I love ya and mean it!…Debbie

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did ya miss me?


I took a unscheduled blogging break.  And I’m not the only one…I’ve noticed many bloggers are taking breaks due to time concerns, writer’s block, burn-out or whatever!  Mine was because of all of the above.  Sorry, but I just can’t seem to get back on schedule since David has retired.  So…I’m not going to apologize again and promise to do better, ‘cause it just ain’t gonna happen!  My blogging schedule is not the only thing suffering.  It’s everything!  Cleaning, laundry, cooking…quilting time, crafting…time with my friends!  Neither one of us is used to the other being around so much and we just don’t know how to handle it!  Have any of you had this problem after your husband retired?  How have you handled it?

Oh, well…on to other more interesting things…

My son got a new kitty.  He went outside and found it huddled under his car.  So sweet…both the kitty and my William!  BTW…kitty doesn’t have a name yet!


I told you I had been doing some antique (junk) hunting with my sister…here’s a few of the things we’ve found:


                                          A wicker rooster that sits on top of my pot rack!


                                                                             Pyrex!  Love it!

                                                          Donna found 2 of the cradles for me!


The bear is not the antique…the chenille is.  I made the bear after Donna and I went to Birmingham to the Christmas Village craft show.  HUGE!  2 floors of the civic center…over 700 vendors…HUGE!  Anyway, one of the vendors had bears for sale made from chenille…much cuter than mine, and I really wanted one.  So, when Donna and I were on one of our junkin’ jaunts…(LOL!  I’m hilarious!  I crack myself up!)…I found a skirt set (?)…really!…made from chenille….my bear!

I hope you can see this picture.  I tried to take it several time, but it just isn’t turning out very good.


You will probably have to “click” on it.  I’ve been making roses from coffee filters.  They’re really pretty…you just can’t tell it from this picture!

And finally…

The rain left early today and then the colder weather rolled in…along with the fog…cool picture, huh?




Friday, October 28, 2011

My Life!






Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Retirement Benefits

Retirement may not be all it’s cracked up to be, but the benefits are great…for me!

My sweet hubby lived through the kitchen remodel and then he made this:


Here it is full!


*Squeal!*  Don’t you just L.O.V.E. it?  I do!  It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever had!  A pot rack and a great place to hang “junk”!

I also have some pictures of the “stuff” from the  junking trips my sister and I have taken.

One of my scales:


A vintage step stool (my new cabinets are really high!):


I’ve got some work to do on this…cleaning…a new seat cover!

And this little bear that is so ugly!  He’s made from an old quilt and was so sad-looking, I just couldn’t leave him:


And finally, this bird cage that I haven’t found a permanent place for:


Well…I’ve procrastinated enough…I’m working on a quilt and needed a break…so, back to the grindstone!  I’ll be back next week with more to “report” ‘cause Donna (sis), Woody (BIL), David (hubby) and I are going to Nashville to the flea market!  YAY…more junk!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011


David and I “took-off” this week-end and ended up in North Carolina!  We wanted to see the fall colors before all the leaves were gone.  So…we took a little trip to the Smokey Mountains. 

So gorgeous! 


We were lucky and found a suite at the Nantahala Village Lodge and Spa! 

Sooo nice!

Our room had a fireplace…a pool table upstairs…a hot tub and a fireplace on the deck!




                                                                Views from our deck!

The colors were at their peak on the Blue Ridge Parkway!



The one thing we didn’t do…that now we wish we had…was the Smokey Mountain Railroad trip.  We’re definitely going back!  And…I didn’t have time to do any shopping in Bryson City!  That’s what happens when you take off without knowing your destination!  But…that was the fun part!



Friday, October 7, 2011

Kitchen re-model and a little bit of sharing!

Something I’m afraid I’m not too good at lately. 

Blogging has pretty much gone to the dogs.  It’s not that I don’t have the time, I just don’t have the energy.  I’m stressed…S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D!  And nothing can be done about it.  I’m not sleeping.  I’m grouchy.  I’m mean.  I’m tired.  I’m stressed.


So…now that you know, let me get on with it and show some of the things I’ve been doing.  (Be forewarned…it’s a “picture heavy” post!) 

One of the things I’m not stressed about anymore…

Remember how my kitchen looked when we first bought the house?  I have others from the first re-model, but because of the fire, I won’t bore you with them. (And as you all know, you can click to enlarge…Just sayin’!):



                                                            The Big Reveal!











I really love it.  It really gave me fits, because I wasn’t sure how it would all come together and if I had chosen wisely.  But, thankfully…all worked.  I’m really lovin’ the tile…I ordered it online, it’s glass and I was hoping it would match my dishes…it did!

So…thank-you hubby!  For putting up with my stressed-out self and for just being here for me!  Thank you my sweet sister, Donna and her hubby, Woody for giving me advise, watching as it went up, and getting me out of the house!  I appreciate it!

I’ll try to be back sooner!  Donna and I have been doing some antique shopping and I really want to show you what we gotten and what I’ve done with it!

Thanks to you, too for coming back to read and putting up with my “sketchy” blogging!



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss me?

Really?  No…really?

I haven’t been gone…just lazy.  Lots of things to talk about, though!

First!  Yay!  Congrats to my ‘Bama Girl!  She graduated!  With honors!  and a 4.0!  (I know, I’m late!  She graduated August 9th!  At least I’m writing about it in the same month!)  So…here’s a picture to prove it:


And now, she’s officially in the University of Alabama’s Law School!

What else?

Well, we had a new baby…a bull!


I got a solar clothes dryer…**squeal**!


Thanks, honey!  Sorry…no pictures of underwear! 

Speaking of “him”…he’s now home….full time!  He retired.  And yeah, it’s been a month and he’s still alive!  (We’re hoping he’ll still be alive next month, too! Kidding!)…if you don’t know, I’m kinda hard to live with!

Anything more?

Well, I made squash relish and pear honey, three new quilts and I’m learning how to Knook…(google it!)…my sister and brother in law have come home from Iraq and moved into their new home.  We’ve been to a lot of antique shops!  My house is still a mess (from the fire) and I still haven’t gotten my new cabinets or countertops installed…hopefully next week!  But, my honey and I did something new to the dining room…we put up bead board and I painted.  Yes…again!  Wanna see?  Well…if you don’t want to see, leave now!:


Not a great picture…we’ll be doing a little more wall decorating!  I did get new blinds, though…2” plantation blinds…even though you can’t see them here…they’re lovely!  Take my word for it!  LOL!

Well, I’m getting silly, so it must be time for bed!  TTYL!



PS: Roll Tide!  Football starts next weekend…just sayin’! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It’s not always sunshine and light around here, but you’ve got to make the best of what you get!















Hope you have a day filled with sunshine!