Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I won't suffer in silence...

any longer!  What won't I do for my faithful readers?  All ten of you!  I'll walk through fire, I'll share my most embarrassing moments, bend over backwards to please and entertain you!  Anything.

No...I'm joking!  I won't walk through fire!  But I will go out in the hot, , make your toes sweat, sizzling Alabama sun to take pictures (for you).  Because I know you don't want to hear about the laundry, or the argument I had with 'Bama Girl, or the dishes piled up in the sink. 

I will walk through mulch and those prickly little things that fall off a sweet gum tree (sweet gum balls?).  See:



Now, let's never mind the fact that I took the pictures, went back into the house to load them to my computer and found that I didn't have the memory card in the camera...I had to go back and redo the pictures!  Did I put shoes on?  No!  I was determined to do this (for you) and if I had to be in pain (for you) I'd do it!

Even these little guys thought I was losing my mind (for you)!


All for this:


Just to show that I have been doing something productive and not just sitting around eating bon-bons and watching a soap opera (I passed that phase many years ago)!  This is the new quilt for 'Bama Girl's new dorm room.  I have some more things in the works for the room that I'll show when I'm finished.  Speaking of being finished...yes, I know the quilt is not quilted yet.  But it will be soon.

So...that's enough of "Let me entertain you" today!  (You all know I'm joking, right?...right?...right?)




  1. Thanks for tiptoeing through the toe-sweating heat to show us the great quilt, Debbie. I love it. Very whimsical.

  2. I appreciate all that you had to go through to show us this wonderful quilt. It was so worth it.
    It actually gives me an idea for a small lap quilt. I will have to start small because I have never made a quilt before. I love the trim around the edge and the way you incorporated the same fabric into the quilt squares. Great job.


  3. Beautiful quilt! And sweet gum balls....I haven't seen those since I was back in Alabama! Nostalgia... :)

  4. Sweet gum balls are pokey : ) Beautiful quilt!

  5. My grandparents used to have a Sweet Gum tree in their yard and my cousins and I would throw the balls at each other. Sweet memories. The quilt is beautiful. You're very talented.

  6. Oohhh...I was really looking forward to reading about the dishes piled in the sink, but I guess this will do. NOT!!! This quilt will be the envy of every girl in your daughter's dorm room and dorm floor! Please be sure and take some pics of it in your daughter's room one of these days. : ) Adorable!!

  7. p.s. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the darling brown and white daisy border print? Or maybe just the maker? Thanks a bunch.

  8. Hi, I found you on Alabama bloggers. I love your quilt. I so wished I could do that.

  9. Hey Debbie, y'all don't have to sacrifice so much for me - and you can write about any ole thing! Nice quilt! Did you ever get the email I wrote you with quilt questions? I'm thinkin not. I wanted to know if you had ever stipple quilted a quilt top? I just did - first one, loved doing it but have a few wrinkles in the back :( oh well, it was sweet practice!

  10. You are so awesome, Debbie! Not only to go through what you did just to get the perfect picture, but the quilt is so beautiful!
    You rock!

  11. Aw...Hancock's. I haven't heard that name in such a long time, but back in the day I spent plenty of hours there. They always had the best deals around. I'm going to look in the phonebook to see if there are any left around here. Thanks so much for getting back to me. : )

  12. Bama Girl is so lucky to have a mom who sews. She will always have a lovely home with you making pretties for her!

  13. Awesome quilt you are making. I wish I had you here to show me how to mend a few old ones I have.
    I thoight of you so often while doing this remodel. I remembered last summer when you seemed to be doing your whole house, all the tile and all, counter tops too. You are so brave to do all you did and I hope to follow your foot steps. I want to tile my kitchen floors and new back splash next year. Wish you were hear to help and show me how, as I will learn by mistake, trial and error. Hope all is well with you,