Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss me?

Really?  No…really?

I haven’t been gone…just lazy.  Lots of things to talk about, though!

First!  Yay!  Congrats to my ‘Bama Girl!  She graduated!  With honors!  and a 4.0!  (I know, I’m late!  She graduated August 9th!  At least I’m writing about it in the same month!)  So…here’s a picture to prove it:


And now, she’s officially in the University of Alabama’s Law School!

What else?

Well, we had a new baby…a bull!


I got a solar clothes dryer…**squeal**!


Thanks, honey!  Sorry…no pictures of underwear! 

Speaking of “him”…he’s now home….full time!  He retired.  And yeah, it’s been a month and he’s still alive!  (We’re hoping he’ll still be alive next month, too! Kidding!)…if you don’t know, I’m kinda hard to live with!

Anything more?

Well, I made squash relish and pear honey, three new quilts and I’m learning how to Knook…(google it!)…my sister and brother in law have come home from Iraq and moved into their new home.  We’ve been to a lot of antique shops!  My house is still a mess (from the fire) and I still haven’t gotten my new cabinets or countertops installed…hopefully next week!  But, my honey and I did something new to the dining room…we put up bead board and I painted.  Yes…again!  Wanna see?  Well…if you don’t want to see, leave now!:


Not a great picture…we’ll be doing a little more wall decorating!  I did get new blinds, though…2” plantation blinds…even though you can’t see them here…they’re lovely!  Take my word for it!  LOL!

Well, I’m getting silly, so it must be time for bed!  TTYL!



PS: Roll Tide!  Football starts next weekend…just sayin’! 


  1. My goodness, Miss Debbie, this post wore me out just readin' it! *giggle*
    Way to go Bama Girl!
    What did you name the little bull? Angus? :)
    I love your clothesline... I mean, solar dryer. I love to dry our bed linens on mine- they smell sooo good. Hope you show us your quilts!
    Go Vols!

  2. Congrats to Bama Girl! You have been busy and I have missed you!

  3. You've been busy as always. Congratulations to all on Bama Girl's graduation. I know you must be very proud of her. Love what you've done to your dining room and the solar clothes dryer...I have one also that I love to use. Have a great weekend.


  4. Congrats to Bama Girl and you, too! I know you are proud of her. Love the bead board paneling. It has always been a favorite with me. Hope you enjoy that clothes dryer. I tried to go back to one of those and after hauling two loads of wet clothes up the basement steps and outside I decided I definitely could not go back to solar drying! You'll be much more capable than I was! Love the new little fellow also. Looking forward to seeing pictures as he grows and pictures of your new kitchen as well. Can you guess, yours is the only blog I follow regularlly any more. Facebook did my blogging in a while back. Later!

  5. Hey Debbie! I think I've figured out how to leave a comment now. SOOO proud of Bama Girl. Makes me feel all hopeful about future generations, you know? I will choose to think about her success and ignore the kids with half their underwear showing. Hope!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your red walls. I had red in our old home and I miss it. In our new place, I have splashes of red in my decor, trying to brighten these neutral walls.

    Have a great week and ROLL TIDE!