Tuesday, November 15, 2011


New word:

Miscellania…Welcome to my world.  Full of miscellaneous items of interest and randomnous!

November…so much going on!  Birthdays, holidays…busy, busy, busy!

                               Happy Birthday!


We went to Rosie’s Cantina in Huntsville for Donna and Woody’s birthday dinner.  But first, we also went **SHOCKER!** to an antique shop!  We didn’t buy anything, but will be going back!

OMG!  Did you realize that Thanksgiving is next week?  I was thinking (gotta stop that!) I still had 2 weeks…but no! It’s next week.   I’ve got to get my act together!

BamaGirl will be home…!  She’s been working so hard and we haven’t seen her in a while.  Law school is hard!  And takes up all your time!  I think when she graduates, they should name a library for her…or at least put a name plaque on a chair for her!  Anyway…I’ve got lots of can berries (cranberries…story to come later…) ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  Hopefully Dain will be here, too!  He eats…EVERYTHING!  Which I love, ‘cause why else would I cook?  **Note to self:  Find out if Dain, roomies, or other people will be here.

Okay…here’s the story on Thanksgiving cranberries!  When BamaGirl was little (4 or 5 years old) she thought we were saying can-berries instead of cranberries…makes sense, right?  Cranberries…can-berries…berries in a can!  She did the same thing with clams.  She thought we were saying clowns!  Such a cutie!  She’d go into a restaurant and order fried clowns!   We thought it was hilarious, until she went on vacation with a friend and ordered fried clowns…!  Everyone was a little perplexed!  As I said…such a cutie!

                         BamaGirl and her first day to step on the campus of UA…


November is also her birthday.  It’s also mine and David’s anniversary.  It’s also 4 weeks until Christmas and my birthday!  OH MY!  I’m late…I’m late!

Gotta go get my busy on!




  1. *hehe* Bama Girl had a very descriptive vocabulary when she was little!
    I thought I had more time too but when Hubby reminded me Thanksgiving is NEXT week I about freaked! Time to get our "Martha's" on! *giggle*

  2. I loved learning a bit about your family! I agree, the can-berries and fried clowns was adorable! Great goin' girl, law school! I know you are so proud of her!