Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did ya miss me?


I took a unscheduled blogging break.  And I’m not the only one…I’ve noticed many bloggers are taking breaks due to time concerns, writer’s block, burn-out or whatever!  Mine was because of all of the above.  Sorry, but I just can’t seem to get back on schedule since David has retired.  So…I’m not going to apologize again and promise to do better, ‘cause it just ain’t gonna happen!  My blogging schedule is not the only thing suffering.  It’s everything!  Cleaning, laundry, cooking…quilting time, crafting…time with my friends!  Neither one of us is used to the other being around so much and we just don’t know how to handle it!  Have any of you had this problem after your husband retired?  How have you handled it?

Oh, well…on to other more interesting things…

My son got a new kitty.  He went outside and found it huddled under his car.  So sweet…both the kitty and my William!  BTW…kitty doesn’t have a name yet!


I told you I had been doing some antique (junk) hunting with my sister…here’s a few of the things we’ve found:


                                          A wicker rooster that sits on top of my pot rack!


                                                                             Pyrex!  Love it!

                                                          Donna found 2 of the cradles for me!


The bear is not the antique…the chenille is.  I made the bear after Donna and I went to Birmingham to the Christmas Village craft show.  HUGE!  2 floors of the civic center…over 700 vendors…HUGE!  Anyway, one of the vendors had bears for sale made from chenille…much cuter than mine, and I really wanted one.  So, when Donna and I were on one of our junkin’ jaunts…(LOL!  I’m hilarious!  I crack myself up!)…I found a skirt set (?)…really!…made from chenille….my bear!

I hope you can see this picture.  I tried to take it several time, but it just isn’t turning out very good.


You will probably have to “click” on it.  I’ve been making roses from coffee filters.  They’re really pretty…you just can’t tell it from this picture!

And finally…

The rain left early today and then the colder weather rolled in…along with the fog…cool picture, huh?





  1. Debbie: Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my craziness! Hope that you have a great weekend...I'm starting it early! Tricia

  2. I just love reading your posts! CUTE Kitty! Sometimes we all get busy living life but blogs will always be here when you get some downtime. I am glad to be busy instead of bored!

  3. Oh my~ I just love your finds, Miss Debbie! No wonder you haven't been posting... you've been too busy wiping out all the good stuff from the antique stores! hehehaha
    Cute lil' kitty- can't wait to see what William names it...
    Your bear is adorable and I love your coffee filter roses~ those are awesome!