Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting’ Twiggy Wit It…

(Click on the music…it will all make sense eventually!)


You really don’t want to be in my head!  My mind is like a steel trap and believe me, you don’t want to get trapped in there!


Okay…on to what I really want to show you!  I’ve been “Getting twiggy with it”!  Bwahaha…get it? “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It?”  The song?  Never mind…

…I love stars and needed some to decorate with, so…field trip!  Really!  I went out to the field and picked up some sticks, added some glue and string and…Viola!

                                                   STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS!  STARS! 







Actually they look better in person!  So come on over…see for yourself!




1 comment:

  1. Oh, these are great ornaments! I think this is a very creative idea, and they look very homespun. Cute idea about modifying the song! :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog!