Saturday, May 2, 2009


Such a dirty word.   Fat, okay?  There, I said it!  I'm overweight.  I know it, you know it, heck...everybody knows it!

That's what I'm struggling with and I can't believe I'm blogging about it.  But, sometimes I use my blog as a "virtual psychologist" who doesn't judge, but gives me advice and support.  Thanks, Doc!

Moving on to the heart of the matter.  I've just re-joined Weight Watchers.  I did it because it keeps me honest and I like  competition.  Not necessarily with the other people, but more with myself.  If I don't lo0se weight or only loose a pound... the next week, I'll loose 2.  And because I'm basically an organized person, I like the points, making daily menus and shopping lists (yeah...I'm a bit strange!)  What I don't like is the exercise...ugh!

So, although I'll be blogging about my progress, recipes, and products that I use, I'll try not to make it a diet blog!  I'm dieting...not dead.  I do have a life!  Really!

I know you're all sitting on pins and needles to know what I weigh.  Ha!  Mama didn't raise a fool!  There's no way I'll ever publish that!  But let's just say I'd fit right in with the Biggest Loser contestants on the first night!

My best tips?  Weigh and measure really get a perspective on what you're eating!

My biggest struggle?  Using all the points.  I always have 2-5 left over at the end of the day.

The best convenience food?  Smart Ones 3-Cheese Ziti with one and a half  oz. grilled and chopped chicken mixed in!   7.5 points!

*I don't usually like frozen dinners, but this is really good!  The ziti has a "real" taste!

                                                Just a little eye-opener...

If you lose 1 lb., that is equal to 4 sticks of butter being removed from your body.

If you lose 5 lbs., that is equivalent to losing a sack of potatoes off your body.

If you lose 10 lbs., that is equivalent to losing 8 medium cantaloupes off your body.

If you lose 25 lbs., that is equivalent to losing 3 gallons of milk off your body.  (I need to loose about 9 gallons of milk!)





  1. Good for you - jumpin in there and going for it! I hate "exercise" too but last year I really pushed myself to at least walk every day. After too long I was hooked on it - as was my dog! We did the pedometer thing - 10,000 steps a day, of course had to work UP to that, but boy, what a pound shedder! Good luck kiddo - wish I could drag you out to walk our Riverwalk in town everyday, you'd love it!

  2. Best wishes! I like weight watchers, too. It's the only way for me to lose weight. So far I've lost 20 lbs. (but part of that was the stomach flu). On WW you get to eat a lot and even have the "goodies" too. It works for me.
    Hugs, Susan

  3. Good luck on your weight loss, Debbie. I need to do the same thing.