Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back, well...I've been back, but...

when we got in last Thursday, it was late.  Friday, I just didn't have any energy.  Saturday...I got sick.  A sinus infection, I guess.  Today is the first day I've felt like getting up off the couch!  So...I did.  I went outside to dig out all the monkey grass from around my sidewalk and...wait for it...I fell on my badonkadonk!  Now I have a huge bruise from my hip to my crack! (sorry for TMI!)  And I have a bruised and scrapped elbow...ouch!  I'm dreading tomorrow morning!  I'm gonna be one sore puppy!

We had a good time on the cruise, but it was pretty much what I expected...too many people laying in the sun, too much food, too many kids! (there were 700 children on the ship!)  Not that I don't like kids...just saying! 

But on the upside, David and I had a lot of time to spend together...something that's been in short supply lately!  Mexico was was great!  Bargain's were really good!  I found a bracelet and had to do a lot of bargaining and talking.  Here's a picture:


I also bought salt and pepper shakers to add to my Talavera pottery collection:


Here's a couple of pictures (of us, of course!)


                                                   As we we're boarding..         



Every time we turned around they were taking picture (to sell, of course!)  Anyway, David and I've decided that we're not the cruise kind of people.  The next vacation...we're flying!  Maybe to Hawaii or the Bahama's!

David has already gone back to work in Georgia for a month, William has gone to Auburn to move the rest of the stuff out of his apartment (he's decided he's not going back and for right now, will work with his dad.  He rented an apartment here in Decatur.)  'Bama Girl is at school.  All seems good at the moment!

I'll try to write more often...but I've got to catch up on everyone else first!




  1. rry to hear that you a bit under the weather,the brusing I can relate to every time that i'm standin up whenI have a seizure I end up bruseing something.

  2. Hey, Glad your back and sorry to hear you have been sick and now bruised. See what that yard work can do to ya!

    Love the bracelet and really love the salt & pepper shakers. I collect all kinds of salt & pepper shakers. A couple my parents had many years ago and some the kids have given me for gifts so you know those were bought at the $store. But I love them just the same.

    Give me a call when you have the time. Take Care :)

  3. Glad you are back. I was missing you! I've never been on a cruise...all those children sounds like a lot of children. I'm a former teacher and I like kids but maybe an adult cruise would be better. We were thinking of cruising Hawaii because it sounds like it would be cheaper than hotels because your food is included and you'd see more islands.
    Hugs, Susan

  4. Yeah, I can totally see your point on the cruise thing. Very commercialized. I really like your S&P shakers though. Sorry you hurt yourself. Feel better soon!

  5. Do you know I don't think I would be a Cruise kind of chick either? Unless it was an Alaskan Cruise... I would LOVE to do that.

    I'm sorry you got bruised and banged up. Hope all is well now.

  6. Hope you are healing/recovering from everything. The bracelet is lovely and those salt/pepper shakers match 2 mugs I brought back from our last (long ago) trip to Mexico. I'm not a cruise person myself - prefer the freedom to wander and also solitude. Good you had the chance to experience it - I guess everyone should try it and then decide for themselves.

    We both have the empty nest now - enjoy it! No more falling down now.

  7. So glad to hear from you again, Miss Debbie- sounds like you had a rough couple of days!
    I love the pictures! You are so pretty!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Love the pics!

  9. Ouch! hope the bum gets better soon. My luck is my bum would swell even BIGGER. LOL

    I've only been on one cruise and it was with "the girls". I said I'd never go back unless hubs went and then.....I'm not sure I want to do that even. Maybe we're just not old enough to appreciate them. :)

  10. Hey, What have you been doing? Come on by I have a new post up.