Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I'm gonna talk about me!  I had my second weigh-in today with Weight Watchers.  I know I didn't blog about the first, but here are the statistics:

Week One:    5.4 lbs

Week Two:    1.8 lbs

Total for two week:  7.2 lbs.  (A sack of potatoes and 8 sticks of butter!)

Not bad for two weeks.  The bad news is my buddy quit on me.  It just wasn't her thing, I guess.  I'm not wild on going to the meetings either, but sometimes I need the motivation.  Today, I didn't stay, but only weighed in.

So...if anybody has recently started Weight Watchers and needs a buddy, let me know!  I've got some killer recipes!

Second update:  No more slugs!  I finally had to buy bait.  The beer and all the other home remedies just didn't cut it.  I had way too many to drown in beer and I hated picking them off and pouring salt on them!


                       One of the daliah's I've been trying to save from the slugs!

                                       This one is my favorite....it's so HAPPY!


Well...hope everyone is doing okay, I'll try to "ketchup" on all the reading I'm missing...'cause I'm sure your lives are a lot more interesting than mine!





  1. Not bad indeed! That's excellent, Debbie. Congratulations.

  2. Yay on the weight loss! Hang in there....
    Glad you sent the slugs packin'.... they are so gross!

  3. Beautiful dahlia!!! And beautiful progress on your weight loss! Keep up the good work and invent a buddy. Were it not for my "imaginary" friends.....well let's not get into how crazy I am!

  4. I joined weight watchers but haven't been going to meetings even though it helps. I've lost 18 lbs since January but I'm not trying hard enought right now. I want to lose some more before I go to Kauai in July.
    You are doing great!
    Hugs, Susan

  5. Beautiful flower and well worth the slug hunting expedition, I'd say. I tried WW and couldn't get my mind wrapped around all the point counting. My daughter is in WW now and doing well so if you have some recipes to share, I'll pass them along. I think that amount of weight loss is great!! Woot!

  6. WAY TO GO on the weightloss! I'm proud of you lady!!!