Sunday, May 3, 2009

Help needed: Slug Slayer








                                                           Cape optional!


Seriously!  I've got slug problem...they're eating everything in sight...the dahlias, hydrandgia, my grapefruit tree...everything!

I've tried *squeal* picking them off and using beer in little cups to trap them and I only got a few that way.  Must be Baptist slugs!   I don't know what will keep them away.  It's rained for the last week and according to the weather forecast we're only going to have 2 rain-free days next week.  I know the wet ground is the cause, but what do I do about my plants until it gets dry?  Are there any insecticides that you know will work?  I'm going to Lowe's tomorrow morning to find one or a big bomb...which ever I run across first!




  1. Salt? Beer? Snail bait? Let me know what happens.

  2. At my house we always use the beer in the bowl. It usually does the trick. I hate those critters. And they will stick to your plants and eat them up. Update us if you find something better than the beer.

  3. Ewww....but what in the world would beer do? Are drunk slugs easier to get rid of than sober slugs?

  4. Debbie, you need some chickens in your yard! They'll get rid of those for you FAST!

    Of course, then you'll have chicken poop everywhere, but....

  5. I used beer in my strawberry patch years ago and it worked but then we yankees (yankee slugs) are close to the beer capital so we are all hooked on the stuff. DO let me know what else you might find that works - I'm doing veggies for the first time this year since a decade ago.