Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Can you keep a secret?  I did something today...something I shouldn't, don't tell David!  (Hopefully he won't read this!)

*whispering*  I bought 26 yards of fabric today.  Yeah, I know, right?  That's a lot!  But it was calling me. was on sale!  $1.00 a yard!  At Hancock's, can you believe it?  Twenty-six yards!  What a bargain, it was regularly priced at $5.99 to $8.99.  Where am I going to hide...I mean store it?



Really...if he thinks about it logically, he'll see I saved him money...lots of money!  (Think he'll buy it?)



I also saw the doctor today.  Last week, I went in for my yearly check-up.  Blood tests...just a regular check-up.  Friday, the nurse calls and says my sugar was up...way, way up and that the doctor was calling in meds for diabetes.  Whoa...wait a minute.  So, I called in and made an appointment for today.  I had a lot of questions before I started taking these medications.  Some were:  Should I have fasted before the tests?  No.  Would diet and exercise help?  No.  Is this the "Flavor of the Month Disease? No.  Okay.  He said my cholesterol was down, but my triglycerides are up, causing my sugar to go up.  So, he wants to put me on meds as a preventative measure for 3 or 4 months and if it isn't down then, he will put me on a new medicine that has to be injected twice a day for a few months.  Get the word "new"?  Yeah, I'm really thinking Disease of the Month.  As a matter of fact, a couple of other people I know have been told their sugar is up, too.  Alright, maybe I'm being paranoid and that's just a coincidence.  Yes, I know this isn't anything to mess around with.   Anyway, I agreed to take the meds and see what happens.

But, don't worry about the diabetes.  Now, David is another  problem...he may kill me if he reads about all that fabric!




  1. Umm maybe a second opinion is in order?

    Great deal on the fabric though, maybe you wont be in trouble. :)

  2. I don't think you're paranoid...I feel that way sometimes when I go to the doctor. I'm trying to change my doctor because she's always trying to get me to take more drugs.

    The fabric sounds like a good deal to me!

  3. Hope all is ok with your sugar. That can be scary. I would def get a second opinion.
    Sounds like you had a hey day at Hancocks. I'll have to go and see if mine is having a good sale like that.
    Take care,

  4. I agree with a second opinion if your unsure and why pump some"new medication" into your body if it doesn't need it maybe the side effects would be worse than what the illness would be, I would double check
    Feel better though

    I sure hope he doesn't kill you lol :o)

  5. The savings absolutely justify the purchase.

    And I am with Valarie, he was just too glib about you getting on meds.

  6. Congrats on the fabric-hopefully you'll survive the purchase!

    I agree with valarie-2nd opinion sounds right.

  7. I did a similar thing this weekend...bought $30 worth of fabric from Handcocks remnant rack. I can never resist. I don't know how many yards, but lots of great fabric. My stash is way too big. :) I have plans to use it all! hehe...

  8. Nobody in their right mind, sugar or no sugar or too much sugar, should ever pass up a fabric deal like that! I'm sure you'll find a good hiding place. Try the kids rooms!