Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do the Snoopy dance with me!


Oh happy day!  My babies are coming home!  Yea!  I haven't seen 'Bama Girl in about a month.  And I don't know when I've seen Auburn Guy...it must be about 3 months.  If you can't tell...I really miss 'em!



Ninja Turtle and the Thumb-sucking Clown!

They were so sweet back then!  I was going to wait and post this picture for Halloween, but I couldn't wait!



I wish David could be home this weekend, too.  But I went to Georgia Sunday and spent time with him on the only day he's had off in a month!  I had to come home Monday because he's working night shift and needed to get some sleep.  Hopefully, everyone will be home Thanksgiving.

Also, everybody say "Awwww, poor Bama Girl".  Somebody stole her cell phone and iPod.  She's very upset.  Not so much about the phone, but her tunes are gone. :(

Gotta get a shopping list started, Auburn Guy wants gumbo!

So...I guess I won't be posting for a few days.  'Bama Girl will be home Wednesday night (Fall break begins) and Auburn Guy will be home Friday night.  Both will leave Sunday.





  1. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I enjoy reading your blog! We've never met, but I found your blog online when searching for Southern blogs (I'm from Tuscaloosa), and I do enjoy keeping up with it! :)

  2. You're SO lucky! DD won't be home until thanksgiving break, and then she is talking about going to boyfriend's for a couple days *sigh.

    Enjoy your kids and know that I am jealous : )

    Enter the Super Duper SuperWAHMz Contest!

  3. Hurray for you! Won't it be fun to have your chicks in the nest! I always loved going home for long breaks during college, eating mama's food and letting her take care of me!
    Glad I found your blog, I will definately be back!

  4. Have a wonderful time! I miss my girl and she lives in the same city! I'm lucky if I see her 2-3 times a month. They just get too busy!

  5. AAWwww good for you hug them tight and enjoy the visit :o)

  6. Yea!!! Your babies are coming home! Just so there will be no conflict make it a college football free zone :)

  7. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Oh I can't even imagine that far ahead right now. I know it will come much too soon and I so don't look forward to it. You give them kiddos a bunch of hugs and have fun with them.

  8. Yay for you, Debbie!!! Sounds like you're going to have a full house!!Are you going to make them wear those same costumes when they get home?! LOL (Please take a picture if you do!!)

  9. Enjoy your time with them-and the Gumbo!

  10. enjoy the kiddo's. Hope you all have some fun together while everyones home. Too bad about the Ipod. That really sucks. They'll get whats coming to them, it just works that way.

  11. I hope you enjoyed them!

    And I am SO sorry about the theft of Bama Girl's stuff. That just ticks me off but good.