Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Tag!

Yes, finally...it's me,  Chance!  I'm hijacking my mom's blog!  Yay! Farm Chick Paula and Smokey  tagged me to do a tell-all about ME! Chance!  And let me tell you, Debbie is very thankful, because her life is not very exciting lately (although I try!)







  So...here we go!





Please answer the following questions:

1.  What breed are you?

Maltipoo.  That's half Maltese and half Poodle!   

2.  How old are you?

 I'm really not sure...Mommy got me about 6 years ago, so I'm probably 7 or 8 years old.

3.  What is your full name? 


4. Do you have any nicknames?

The one's I like are:  Chancey, Mama's Pretty Boy and Good Boy. 

I can't say all the names that my Mom calls me when I'm bad, but the one I hate the most is.... CHANCE!  Bad, bad boy!

5.  Where do you sleep?

The question should be "Where don't I sleep"!

I sleep with my mom (in her bed) at night.  During the day, I sleep where ever she's at...the floor by the computer, the couch, the chair near the window.


6.  What is your favorite thing to do?

Hmmmm...that's a toss-up between sleeping and playing! 


7.  What is something unusual or interesting about you?

I guess the most interesting is how Mom got me.  I was living with some other people and they would lock me in a room for a week or sometimes more when they would go out of town.  I was litter trained and had a feeder for my food and water, but was always scared it would hang up or break.  I COULD HAVE DIED PEOPLE! Also, every time the doorbell rang, I thought someone was coming for me and I would bark (I still do!)  Fortunately, the people decided this was not a good thing and asked their friend if they knew anyone who would want me.  That friend knew my mom had just lost her dog, Daisy and she was really sad.  So...she came to see me,  loved me and we've lived "Happily Ever After"!  The end.

One other interesting thing:  I popsicles! (sugar-free).  The only thing is...Mom won't let me have a whole one...she says it wouldn't take much to freeze my little pea-brain!

DSC01771     DSC01770

8.  Who is my best friend?

Other than my mom...it would have to be 'Bama Girl (she says she doesn't like me, but I know she does...she's just jealous 'cause Mom likes me more!)  Debbie:  "I've never said that!"


9.  Did you go to obedience school...if so were you "Top Dog" or would you flunk out?

Flunk out?  Everyone knows I'm the smartest, cutest, most lovable little pup there is!

10.  Can you do any tricks?

Heck, yes!  I can dance, walk on my hind legs, speak, and fetch!  I will do anything for a marshmallow!

Thank-you, thank-you very much!  That was so much fun!  And... I would like to pass this on to: 

Valarie and Cannon

Susan and Sophie

Julia and Mickey

And to anyone else who reads my mom's blog and would like to play!  Uh-oh,  my mom is telling me I have to get off the computer, it's her turn!


Wow...what a character, I thought he'd never get off my computer!  Hope you all enjoyed that and would like to play along.



Debbie (and Chance!)


  1. Ahahaha! Chance, you are such a sweetie-pie!!! I love the pictures- especially the one of you eating the popcicle! And that's a really sweet story of how you two met.
    Thanks for playing along!! (You too, Debbie!)

  2. Hey, I've been missing in action around the blogging world for the past month and popped in to see what you was doing. Chance you are so adorable and smart also. Take Care :)

  3. Too funny!! Tell Chance that Tom and Katie say hi. :)

  4. Cannon is going to love doing this!

  5. I will do anything for a marshmallow too! Great meme Chance. You sound like a cool dog. And the picture of you and Bama Girl is SO good.

  6. I love it! What a great idea! Chance you are adorable! Bama Girl Is gorgeous! Love it just! Love it! Still chucking

  7. Thanks for the tag, Chance. SuSu and I will post our answer as soon as SuSu has time. --Sophie

  8. He is so cute eating that popcicle. I think this is such a fun read. I have seen a few others and I may have to play along. Yay yay and more yay for Alabama!!

  9. Debbie, we're still gonna do our tag as soon as we get time. --Susan & Sophie

  10. Adorable! I'll bet he's the best chance you ever took!

    I think I will play this meme

  11. Chance,

    You are the cutest, smartest dog!!
    Loved your pics and narration.