Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whew! Roll Tide Ya'll!




Ole Miss   20

Alabama   24



Alabama 7/0








 I don't know what Alabama is thinking about in the second half...but, it's getting on my last nerve!  I'm not sure if I will be able to watch them next week when they are at Tennessee!  I may have a breakdown!

Bama Girl will be at the game next week.  The band will be traveling to all the rest of the games!  And I kind of dread it for her, because some of the fans at out of town games are not very nice (and that's putting it lightly)!  Beer, cups, name it, they throw it!

I spent most of today quilting, or rather sewing a quilt top.  I've had to put it up for now, because I've got vacuuming, cooking, and laundry to do!

David's coming home tomorrow morning and will be here until Tuesday afternoon.  Yay! 

I'm cooking Senate Bean Soup at the moment.  I also have chicken cooking for chicken salad and for dumplings!  I'm trying to get most of the cooking out of the way.

So, once again...I'll probably not post until he leaves.





  1. WE still need to get together!!
    I wish you could have been at Michael Buble-he was awesome.
    Yes and Roll Tide!Be blessed!

  2. Oh don't worry, sweetie... the way we are playing, Bama will KILL Tennessee!! (it will be UGHHH-LEE!)
    Tell Bama girl if any body throws a beer at her at Neyland Stadium to let me know, I'll take care if them for her!! LOL

  3. Man don't I know it. Just gets on my last nerve to watch them play and see their lead slowly dissolving. Auburn just got trounced. Will be interesting to see what the sports media is saying about Tubby tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend and Roll Tide!