Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Dance!

If you didn't know...Alabama rolls over #3 Georgia!


           Roll Tide!  















  1. Wasn't that a game. Woohoo. Uncle Richard ask me "who are you kidd'in? who do you think I am for?
    He said they have never been Ga fans. One son went to Georgia Tech and one daughter went to Alabama. The kids have always had it sorta rough in their crowd because they both grew up living in Ga and being Al fans.
    I do wish we could meet and eat. That would be fun.
    I finally got all those apples finished and I keep thinking about you and how much apple butter you made. I can't imagine how long that took you and so much sticky work too.
    See ya,

  2. Isn't it amazing? Can you believe we're No.2 now!?!? Roll Tide.

  3. Oh yeah! I know it! We had the BEST time watching that game.

    I wish that Bama girl would blog and give us her take on things from the games. She is so LUCKY to get to see every one of them. Of course, she worked HARD to be in the band and have that benefit. More talent than luck huh.

    I am STILL on a Bama football high!