Monday, August 11, 2008

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...

Same song, second verse!  It's been extremely hectic around here since I got home.

Auburn Guy came home but didn't stay long.  He starts classes as well as teaching next week, so he had to go back for orientation, to get his office (?) set up, and to get ready for anything else that will come his way.

Bama Girl went back to the University.  We went to Tuscaloosa with her to take all her stuff and help her move back in.  She started band camp today.  I heard from her and she said she was already sore from carrying the tuba around all day.  Her classes start sometime next week.  I think she was glad to be back and to be independent again.  (No, I know it!)

David has yet to be reassigned to another job, so he's still home.  This is really hard on both of us.  We don't live together much, since he's always on a job out of town.  It takes a lot of patience from both of us to get used to living together  again.  But, he's a sweetie...if I could just get him to stop snoring, life would be good! 

And he really is a sweetie...I got a new car!

DSC00136 DSC00135


Yes, people, I am the proud owner of a BMW X3.





I also want to show ya'll some pictures of what I brought home from my trip!





My cool zebra chair from Wyoming!

Bama Girl and I almost came to blows over it...but it's mine...all mine!  Besides, I brought her silver and turquoise bracelets back!






Went to an antique shop near Denver and found this purse.  It was a steal, plus I got the price lowered even more!  I love a bargain!





And this basket?  I made it!  REALLY!

My SIL Kim makes baskets and she taught me how...yeah baby, a new hobby!  (I hear my hubby groaning!)  Kim had baskets all over her talented!





I bought some fabric for a quilt today and borrowed some quilting books and magazines from Bonnie to get some fresh ideas.  So, I guess I'll go watch the Olympics with David and browse through them.




  1. Well I can see why there was a fight over the chair-I love it!! And your car is awesome too.

  2. OK. I really want to keep liking you but a Zebra Chair AND a BMW? I am GREEN over here. Green. I bet you look awesome sitting in either one!


  3. love the chair! awesome basket there mine always turn out lop-sided lol I'm not crafty.
    and I went ooooooooo when I seen your new BMW baby :o)

  4. I love it all! What great finds! And I always wanted to weave....your basket looks great. I need a hobby, I may look into basket weaving...

  5. Envy, should be my middle name! A new BMW and a trip out west. What did you do to hit the jackpot? The west is truly awe inspiring and once you go your hooked.
    The zebra chair...well there's hardly any words.

  6. Nice car! I love the chair too.

    I feel your pain. My hubbie snores too!

  7. Okay I'm so jealous! You have a BMW and that is ok I can live without that but you MADE a basket. They had a basket weaving class last year at the YMCA and I really wanted to take it but it didn't work out with my crochet class. Maybe they will have another this year, I hope! And I love that chair I can see why the two of you almost came to blows over it because I know I would have the same problem here with the 16 year old. Take Care :)

  8. Wowwwwwwwwww Conrats! I love that chair. My fave combo. Thanks for visitin me. cherry

  9. Wow! That's one sweet ride!! I can just see you and Bama girl in a catfight over that chair... I would have love to have seen that!

  10. Congrats on the new cool car and all your other great purchases. We found the answer for snoring around here: C-PAP!

  11. I love that chair, freaking amazing.

  12. Hey ladie, long time no see, I am back to blog land I hope.
    Love your new car. Lucky you. I bought a purse almost just like your at an antique store also. I love mine and always recieve compliments when I carry it. I am curious and I would like to ask. Just how did you and Bama girl attach those little stickers to her jeep. It was so cute. Where they temporary or where they permanment. I hope she left them, I loved them.