Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gone to the dogs!

Yesterday, I had my 6 month check-up with the dermatologist.  I was hoping everything would be okay.  And it was except one place on my face.  So, she took a biopsy and I should know the results next week.  If you don't know, I had skin cancer last year and had to have surgery to have it removed.  And wouldn't you know it...it was on my face...my upper lip!  And this one is on my forehead...near my eyebrow...okay now, I can hide the quarter size scar on my lip with make-up, but how on earth would I hide the fact that half my eyebrow would be gone?  Eyebrow transplant?  UGH!  But, I'm ahead of myself...it's a tiny little spot and it's probably nothing!

Nothing much going on here today.  Went with a couple of friends (Kim and Lisa) to Huntsville today.  We ate at Jason's Deli....mmmm good!  And also went to Sam's Club.  I bought a 'present' and some instant hot chocolate!

Wow!  Isn't that exciting!

As for the title of my blog,  this afternoon, I came home and finished up a project I started yesterday.

Can you guess who it's for?













Yay!  Chance finally got his own quilt.  Can you see how much he loves it?











I know...I'm sick!  No, really the truth is my machine was messing up and I needed something small to figure out what the problem was.  I was also practicing my freehand quilting.




  1. he is one lucky dog!

    Hope that tiny spot does turn out to be nothing...

  2. Oh boy, Chance is one lucky fella!!!
    I pray everything comes back just fine, Debbie!!

  3. I'm sending out good blessings for the tiny spot being nothing. Eyebrow pencils work wonders.
    I think the dog quilt is adorable. Ozzie would love something like that but he is stuck with an old baby blanket lol

  4. He looks quite proud of his quilt.

    I'll say a prayer for that spot they biopsied. I am just believing God that everything will be fine.

    Be blessed Debbie.


  5. Beautiful quilt for your little pooch. Iam glad that your forehead spot was nothing. Dwight just had two removed from back. He just got stiches out on Friday. His were ok this time also. I love a day out with friends to just sorta mosey around and I feel so incontrol of my self when I didn't spend very much money and its also a comforting feeeling to feel as though you didn't need anything also. Note: this doesn't happen very often but it will have too now that I am not working. I am also addicted to reality shows olny I have moved to the more "family" type shows, like John and Kate etc. I once changed my business hours so I could be home in time to cook dinner and watch survivor. I got it bad too. I actually cancelled my netflix account because my DVR was full of recorded shows and I had no time to watch movies. Imagine that!!!