Saturday, August 23, 2008


I guess you've wondered what I've been up to besides canning apple butter and jelly.

Well, I was making a surprise for 'Bama Girl.  I worked feverishly for a week on it.  I knew we were going to Tuscaloosa to see her play in the band (Oh, that event was canceled because of the rain from Tropical Storm Faye!).  But...the surprise was on me.  When I took it to her...she didn't want it.  Oh well, I don't want you to think she's a spoiled brat so,  here's the story.  When we moved her into the dorm, we were not able to stay and help her get unpacked because she had to be at a band meeting.  So...later on she called very unhappy about her room.  It was messy, not unpacked, plus her comforter had gotten lotion all over it when she packed. (Don't know why that was in there!)  Anyway, because she sounded so unhappy, I decided to make her a quilt, pillows, new curtains,  and found a chair at a yard sale for her.  I thought it would cheer her up.  What I didn't know, was that she loved the stuff in her room.  The problem was, she just didn't have time to fix it 'pretty'.  Plus, I think she was a little down (homesick!)  So...egg on my face!  (I'll have to get pictures of her's now 'fixed', because we went up there this weekend!  She had rearranged, put pictures on the wall and we bought her a bookcase).  Now 'Bama Girl is happy now and all is right in her world!

Here's pictures of the quilt and accessories:




Not a very good picture.  But, it's bright and cheery!











The chair.  The pillows and cushion match the quilt - picture is dark though.







This is a tuffet I made.  A very small ottoman!  Like Little Miss Muffet! 


I made it from this:





The step stool I used in the kitchen to get into my upper cabinets.  I had gotten paint on it, so I was going to get another.  Instead used it for the tuffet!



Anyway...I brought the quilt and stuff home and if she decides to re-do her room next semester or even next year, it will be here.  If not...I may re-do her room here at home next year!

I've  also been tagged a couple of times by some blog friends and need to get that out of the way, but it's getting late, so I'll try to do it sometime next week.  That is if Bonnie and I don't don't get the pears.  (Another story, another time!)  Stay tuned for the next canning episode!



PS...if you click on the pictures to make them bigger...ignore the dirt on my didn't get on the quilt (my bad...I should have swept!).


  1. That is one gorgeous quilt! And the tuffet...whoa...are you talented!

  2. I love all ofthat and can't blieve you just whipped it up. I'm envious of your many talents. When you want to meet at Chili's - MY SIL didnt get to come because he had two managers in training- but I still want to come mmet ya- i'm going to bring Valerie with me.
    Email me at and give me your phone number.
    Hope to meet ya soon-real soon!
    Be blessed!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt you just whipped up and so cheery and colorful. The tuffet is soooo cute and a great recycle project too.

    You are a very creative and talented person. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  4. Little miss muffett...
    I love your little tuffett!

  5. Well, if any of it ever needs a home....I happen to have one : )

    And I love the tuffet! Too cute!

  6. You are so talented! And Bamma Girl is so lucky!