Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To all who care...

I'm sorry.  I'm a terrible blogger.  Slap me on the wrist!  I've gotten caught up in another project.  No!  Don't blame me.  Blame my friend Bonnie!  Yep...it's all Bonnie's fault!  She pried my hands from the computer and dragged me kicking and screaming to go apple picking!  And then, forced me to make apple butter and jelly! 











32 quarts of apple butter...so far!

(We also got free tomatoes...Bonnie said we got those because I flirted with the old man who gave us the apples, but really I didn't. Not too much!)









12 quarts of apple jelly...so far!





We still have about two and a half bushels of apples...maybe 3 to peel, core, and cook...I'll be dreaming of apples tonight!

But, to be honest, we can't blame Bonnie...she's a whole lot like me!  One of says, "Hey, you wanna......?" (insert almost anything) and the other of us always says "Heck yes, lets do it"!  We're kinda spur of the moment women!

I've also got to show you the most pitiful picture.  Poor, poor Chance.  I took him to the groomer today and apparently they had different ideas of how he should be cut than I.  I wanted him left a little long.  They decided he needed a short cut.  They even shaved his ears.  Poor baby.




Before crazy groomer.

Nice and fluffy.







After crazy groomer.

He's a maltipoo, but he got a schnauzer cut.  Not pretty.

You can see how disgusted he is!



Oh well, nothing we can do, unless we go Britney and get extensions!  Nah.





  1. My sister-n-law is making lots of apple butter right now. I can't wait to have some homemade biscuits and apple butter. :)

    Oh and Chance looks cute, but I do hate it when the groomer gets clipper happy.

  2. I love apple jelly. Can I come visit?

    And anytime I get a bad haircut, which is too often, I just tell myself it will grow out. And your doggy still looks cute (and disgusted).

  3. Oh my gosh apple butter and apple jelly! Do you mind sharing your recipes? My grandmother used to make apple butter and it was awesome and I have tried but I just can't seem to get the same affect that I got so many years ago eating it. I haven't done apple jelly before how did you make it?

    Your poor baby! He is still cute even with the short hair but I know what you mean. When you give instructions of the way you want something and only find it's nothing like what you wanted. Atleast it will grow back.

    Take Care :)

  4. I love apple butter! I've never made it though, always wanted to.
    Poor Chance! Well, atleast he's cool.

  5. Hey, I think his new cut looks very masculine! Tell him I said he looks like a pit bull now.

    I am glad you have a partner in crime like Bonnie!


  6. Valarie: If you SIL doesn't give you enough, let me know. I'll have lots!

    Lynn: Stop by anytime! Chance says "Thanks" (that made him feel a lot better!)

    Vickie: Send me your email and I'll send you the recipe! The jelly's the easiest and the fastest of the two! Both take a lot of sugar, though. But so good!

    Becky: You're right...he's cool and will be at least until December...it'll take that long to grow out! And, thanks for visiting!

    Jen: Chance is in love now! You've made his day! And thanks...Bonnie's a great friend!

  7. You are a busy girl! I have no clue as to how to can or make apple butter. I'm afraid I would kill my friends and family with botulism or something.

    Poor Chance is still adorable but he doesn't look too thrilled with his new cut. Jake doesn't have to worry about hair cuts. It just stays short.

  8. aawwww but he's adorable.
    You have been a busy lady, both look delicious and like a lot of work

  9. I forgot I tagged you on my site, if you want go check it out, if you don't want to participate no hard feelings :o)

  10. I have apples waiting on me too! Poor Chance-hope it grows out fast.

  11. Hey, I tagged you too. You could have a twofer if it's the same one.....

  12. Poor Chance. Just tell him what I tell myself when I get a bad haircut: it'll grow back. He's still cute anyway.
    (And that apple butter looks scrumptious.)

  13. Oh you are so funny, Debbie! And you and Bonnie must be like Thelma and Louise!
    Lordy, that apple butter looks so good.... why didn't I get my invitation to the taste testing party?! LOL