Sunday, April 6, 2008


The garage sale is over! Although I didn't make the half million dollars I need to buy an embroidery least my house is less cluttered.

But seriously, has anyone seen the prices of a decent embroidery machine? I'm really wanting one, but I'd have to sell my first born just for a down-payment. Even on E-bay they're exorbitant and have too many bidders to get a good price, plus I'm always afraid I'll get ripped off.

Oh well...this is going to be short because (drum roll)...I'm still cleaning - tonight I'm cleaning the carpet in my living and dining rooms as well as rearranging the furniture. I'm doing all this so I won't feel so guilty about playing! But, I'm almost through with the big stuff like cleaning out closets, carpet cleaning, etc. Actually...I did take time to make a new apron. And as soon as I can get a model (Alabama girl was too busy for pictures this weekend), I'll post. Also, I've got a quilt ready as soon as Bonnie gets the frame up for the quilting machine (the reason for the garage sale...we had to make room for it!)

Somebody is not happy with all this cleaning!




  1. Debbie- I bought mine at the Husqvarna Viking dealer in Knoxville- they have a "trade-up" deal where if you buy a Viking sewing machine and then decide you want to upgrade to a better one within a year, they will give you the full price of what you paid for your old one toward the purchase of a new, fancier one. Needless to say, they have a LOT of used machines at very reasonable prices. I had purchased a basic Viking machine in 2005, and before the year was up, my dear sweet hubby told me I could trade it for the one of my dreams... a Viking Scandinavia 400.(I LOVE IT!)
    Do you have a dealer near you? I'm sure Viking isn't the only one that will do this, if you want a different brand. You may want to check ask around!

  2. Thanks for the a matter of fact, my daughter and I were cruising the mall and low and behold a sewing and vac center is opening - in the mall!!
    Just thought that was strange.