Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good morning kisses and doggy breath!

Just thought I'd share what I wake up to every least he doesn't snore, well...not much!

He always looks so pleased with himself when he gets me!
And I always shriek when he gets too close with tongue; I think that's why he does it!



  1. How cute!! I will have to show him to my hubby.....interestingly enough he has decided that the next pup we get is going to be a maltipoo. we have always had big dogs, mostly labs. He found out that Mp's don't shed and that is what he has decided we are getting.

  2. I love this pciture! He is sooo cute!

    We are getting our second pup on saturday. She is an 8 month old, 70 lb lab mix. Should be fun. We've never had to dogs at the same time before....I am NOT crazy.

  3. That's why our Malamute stays outside! No need to have near 100 pounds of fur and tongue waking me. Bad enough to have the 25 pound cat. He is adorable.

  4. Hey Debbie-
    So far, and you could see I only have had my Janome MC9700 for about 2 weeks for so, I really like it. I pretty much wanted it to be able to personalize things I sew. Those pillowcases were a snap to do and I thought they turned out very nice. My shop has been opened for years. The owner trouble shoots them himself, offers free maintence and repair for 5 years, lifetime owners classes, and a free year of creative classes. I don't know if I got a good deal or not, but it seemed fair to me and after my last experience I was going for reputation of owner and someone I could rely on. He ticketed at $2200, through in free software, gave me my trade in, and marked it down a bit to $1675. I am pleased thus far. I hope that helps you, I know you'd like to be able to do so embroidery, too. :)

  5. Hey Debbie-- I just came back from the quilting store and they have a big sign on their door that starting in MAY Janome is raising its prices 20% to cover costs. So, if you were serious about that new machine, you might want to act before then. I just thought you should know.

  6. Your comment was deleted before I could check on that chicken casserole name. Please send me a recipe, my email is on my blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really enjoyed browsing through yours. Chance is such a sweet little boy. I wouldn't mind waking up to doggie kisses if he were the one doing the kissing!

  8. Your little dog is just adorable! My dog Ozzie kisses me all the time and I have gotten used to it. Once in a while he has gotten into something nasty though, and it isn't so great!