Thursday, April 10, 2008


I cleaned my house and got everything organized so that I can have time to play but, the phone rang off the hook today...everybody and his brother called!

I did cut out a new pattern for an apron...I'll test it tomorrow (maybe!). Anyway, I was so fed up with the 'store-bought' pattern, that I decided to design my own - I really hope it works out because I really can't find one that has all the features I want! Really!

As much as I complained in my blog yesterday, it wasn't all bad. I got my hair cut - made me feel better - so fluffy and bouncy! - But I scared my hairstylist...I've been to her only 3 times - 1st haircut was wonderful - 2nd one was horrible...and I told her this (I guess I scared her because I used to be a stylist and she knew she messed up!) Anyway, this time was great - I've got a modified Posh Spice cut (really just an inverted V).

I also bought Alabama girl some fabric to make a sundress and I found shoes with the same colors at - (you'll never guess where!) - that big, hateful, wait-in-line for 30 minutes to check-out, that place that I never go into unless I'm desperate and can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else (you know the one I mean).

Check it out:

Cute, huh?

So...I hope I sleep tonight, but I probably won't because the weather radio will go off several times - storms are headed this way (...I really like the radio, because I can never hear the sirens!) Hope everyone else in this area will be okay!



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  1. The shoes are darling; and, yeah, I believe I know where you got them. They really have some cute stuff this year.
    Glad to find another Alabama blogger. I look forward to visiting your blog more. --Susan from Leeds