Saturday, April 12, 2008

Estate sales, chicken alfredo, and quilts... A good day!

I had been invited to lunch at a friend's house so I got up early and was getting ready for the day when Bonnie called and said "You've got to come up to an estate sale, NOW!" My hair was wet and I wasn't dressed, but she insisted I really needed to come. So...with wet hair and no makeup off I went! Now, I really didn't need to spend money, but there was so much stuff - most of it was from when the people were stationed in Japan during the '40's - a lot of occupied Japan figurines, antiques, fabric and antique hankerchief (Bonnie loaded up on these! She's making a butterfly quilt with the hankies). But...among all these treasures (none of which I needed) this is what I found:

Inside was a 1948 newspaper (the sports pages!).

Ran back home to meet Kim. We went to Lisa's home for lunch. Oh sooo good...chicken alfredo and ice cream for dessert. Why is it that someone else's food taste so much better! We had a really good time. Lisa and Kim (have I mentioned they're sisters?) are so great, ...they make me feel like 'one of them'! Love ya'll!

On the way home, the sky turned ominous and we heard sirens, raced to my house, turned on the weather channel and there were tornadoes in our area. Don't think any touched down, though.

I also thought (since I never have) that I'd post a few of the quilts that I've done or are in progress...

Log cabin - the yellows are all different, but you can't tell in the pic.

This one is not totally quilted yet (Alabama girl has laid claim on it for her dorm next year).
Notice the camera hog in the pic!

T-shirt quilt I made for Alabama girl for her senior year in high school. It's made from all the band show shirts (about 7 or 8 I designed...I was in charge of art - backdrops, shirts, etc.)

I think you can click on the pictures to get a close-up.

Alabama girl just called and she is playing at the A-day game (The football team plays against each other - a big thing down there - 92,000 people showed up last year!) Anyway, she wants to be in the band next year, so she thought this would be a good time to see if she would be able to march with her tuba (she's never marched with it before, only played in symphonic band). Here's the picture:

The one giggling! Why am I not suprised!

Well, this is really long and Auburn guy has informed me that he is hungry! (wonder what he does when he's not home?)




  1. Well that's it. You are SO going up on my Alabama Bloggers blog roll. I mean, you send me a Roll Tide in the comments and you have a future Million Dollar Band kid? Well, YEAH! Of Course!

    Your giggling daughter is adorable. I marched in H.S. but I played the flute. Something tells me it is different with a Tuba.

    Have a lovely weekend. Eat a Big Bob Gibson's Pork Potato for me!


  2. Hello, I found you over from Jennifer, up there above me. Sorry I have to say I'm with Auburn Boy. :) how do you do it with two at rival schools. I love the T-shirt quilt. My Mother-in-Law made one for my daughter for Christmas, and she just cried when she got it. Nice reading your blog. By the way I am right up the road from you.

  3. Awww...thank-you both for your comments. My daughter is a freshman at UA this year and my son graduates from UNA in it hasn't been too bad. But when he goes to grad school next fall at may be fun to say the least! Wish me luck!

    Roll Tide...and...War Eagle?

  4. Love all the pictures, Debbie- esp. the one of Alabama girl giggling!
    I love all your quilts- they are gorgeous! I think my favorite is the log cabin quilt- I love the yellows!

  5. I'm just blog surfing tonight and came across yours and WOW I love those quilts. Great Job! :)

  6. The t-shirt quilt is great!
    We have drawers full of shirts from every drum corp, competition, and season. That is perfect.

    Look at all these Alabama girls!

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Woohoo....Alabama Girls Rock!