Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Sleepy!'s one in the morning and I can't sleep! So...I'm on the computer and watching Deep Space Nine! How sad is that?

My week:

I spent Monday cleaning...yeah...I'm through. The carpets are cleaned, the dusting is done, and the floors are mopped!

Tuesday was terrible. I spent all day holding Chance. He was really, really sick. I had taken him to the vet a while back and she said he has 'shaking white dog syndrome'?? It's a neurological disease that causes small seizures in little white dogs. He has had several episodes this month and Wednesday he couldn't walk or stand. This has happened before and I feel so helpless. But...he slept most of the day and by late afternoon had snapped out of it. Although the doctor said he is not in any pain, it just breaks my heart.

Today I went to eat Mexican with my friends Lisa and Kim. When I came home I worked on an apron that I'm really not happy with. I don't know why except maybe it's not my style? Or...maybe because I made it directly from a pattern. Yep, I think that's's not very's not mine. I'll try to finish it tomorrow (bad habit of mine...not finishing something if I don't like it!) and show it to Bonnie - she gives really good constructive criticism!'s 1:30 am and I'm still not sleepy, think I'll make hot chocolate and find something else...anything else to watch on TV!

(I apologize to anyone who's having to read this! It's pretty boring, but what can you expect at 1:39 in the morning...did I mention I can't go to sleep?) Hmmmm...why does this say I posted at 11:14? Different time zone...did I start at 1:14?...I'll have to check that out. Oh, I'm rambling on and on, so...




  1. I do the same thing when I can't sleep, Debbie...I get on the computer, too. (Which I've heard is the WORST thing you can do if you can't sleep. Oh, well.)
    I have never heard of "White Dor Syndrome"..that's really strange! I hope Chance is o.k.-

  2. Sorry- that was supposed to be "White DOG Syndrome".
    I'll learn one of these days to proofread before I submit a comment! Jeez, I am so dumb.

  3. Hello Debbie!! I'm an Alabama girl too. Sorry you were unable to rest. I read somewhere yesterday that the computer is like a jolt of caffeine to our mind and not condusive to sleep. I guess I'll have to do without the sleep cause I sure can't do without my computer!

    Be blessed and I hope you sleep better tonight.


  4. Thanks Paula and Jennifer...yeah, I know the computer is a curse, but when I can't sleep know! And yes, Chance is good! Got over it after a day of sleeping! Darn dog...he scares me that way sometimes (I was checking his breathing!)