Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pincushions, Quilts, and Aprons. Oh My!

I'm not usually late giving birthday presents, but this one was just not to be. My friend Bonnie's birthday was March 17, my husband left for Wyoming on the 16th, Alabama Girl is home this week for spring break, and then Bonnie went out of town for a few days. Things finally settled down today and we delivered the present. I think it turned out nicely. By the way...Bonnie is also a quilter so I made her a pincushion and the smaller container holds safety pins.

I'm also working on an apron...Alabama Girl said she would cook if I made one...ha ha ha ha ha! We'll see. She is gone to Six Flags Over Georgia with friends from college and will be back tomorrow night, so hopefully I can finish the apron as well as get a few things around the house done. If I can finish it, I'll post pics later.

I'm also working on a new many projects, so little time.

Since this week is spring break for Alabama Girl, guess what next week is? Spring break for Auburn Guy! I love these kids dearly, but she likes to sleep and shop, he likes to sleep and eat. That means for 2 weeks I shop, cook, and don't get anything done before noon! But, I'm not complaining, 'cause I love them dearly and I know that in the near future they won't be coming home for spring break. Hopefully they'll have jobs and I can visit them!



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