Monday, March 24, 2008

Is this Monday?

It must have been, because nothing went right. I found a Babylock embroidery machine on Ebay. The owner was a pawnshop in Birmingham. My friend, Bonnie and I thought we'd take a ride up there to look at it. We decided we'd stop and call when the store opened and find out how much he wanted for it...too much! Oh well, easy come, easy go. So, we turned around and went to Cullman to go to a quilt was Closed on Monday. Next, we went to a BBQ restaurant...Closed on Monday. Amish bakery?...Closed on Monday. Okay, I'm getting ticked off, do they roll up the streets on Monday? But, we were determined not to have this trip turn into a bust. We drove a little further into Cullman and saw a Hobby Lobby...lots of cars...why? We went inside and it was a grand opening. I won a $10 gift card, yay! I also had a $25 gift card from Christmas, so guess what I bought?

I love the aqua and olive color.

You can never have enough black and white!

$2 a yard. Maybe an apron?

The trip was definitely worth it.

I also cleaned my laundry room...

Ta Da !

Sorry for the many pictures.




  1. Wow! You lucky duck- a bad day turned good after all! I love all the pictures of your new goodies...and I especially love that little rooster perched in your laundry room! LOL

  2. I'd check out that pawn shop... wonder where?
    They always have the best awful stuff!
    Come visit sometime~

  3. I have laundry room envy. SO CLEAN!!!