Friday, March 28, 2008

Organized...who me?

Road trip! Yay! Bonnie and I are going to Fayetteville, TN tomorrow. We're going shopping at Sir's Fabric. We've both been wanting to go for a while and the opportunity came up, so we jumped at it. Lots of fabric...good buys! for being organized - I'm really not! - but, I needed something to keep my fabric swatches in. I couldn't think of anything and was looking through my closet and found my old CD case. Perfect! I took out the CD's and cut 4x4" pieces of paper, cut out my swatches and stapled them on. It fits in my purse and I can add to it if needed or when I finish a project take those out! I'm so excited (and can say it - I need a life!).

CD case

Some of my swatches!

You know you're obsessive compulsive when:

You eat the M&Ms in color order. (Me!)

You fold your dirty clothes before putting them in the hamper.

You have all your canned goods organized by type, flavor, and use.
and they're all facing the front.

You organize your closet by color, season, and fabric.

Every e-mail reply that you send has been through a grammar checker...
...and you correct the original message. (Definitely me!)

How about you?



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  1. Yes, Debbie- I am a sicko, too... I do all of the same things you do, except for the dirty clothes- after being outside all day, I usually try to wad them into a tight, non-smelly ball. LOL (it doesn't work by the way.)
    Please let me know more about "Sir's Fabric"- I've never heard of it! I live about 3 hours away from Fayetteville, (I'm about 30 miles north of Knoxville) so if it's worth the drive, I may have to make a road trip!