Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chocolate + Mint = Goodness

Okay...we all know what it's like when that mean, old chocolate monster jumps on your shoulder and demands to be fed. We search the house high and low trying to satisfy it. Well, I gave in and this is the results:

Crispy Mint Cookies

1 pkg chocolate mint chips
Ritz crackers

Melt chips in microwave 2-3 minutes.
Drop crackers in melted chocolate one at
at time (I do this with a fork). Place on
wax paper to set.

Very easy for kids to make or for a quick fix.

I use Andes Creme de Menthe baking chips and about one and a half sleeves of crackers. (...and yes, I know there's not that many on the plate....I didn't eat them all - I promise - I gave some to my neighbor!)



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  1. Ooooh Debbie-
    Those sound....

    There, I said it. Now I will go to the kitchen and MAKE them. LOL