Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White Album

Everything is white here!  The snow is sticking around and the temps are dropping fast!  The next three days temps will be 15*, 13*, and 14*...not that it matters...when it's that cold,  one or two degrees doesn't  make a difference!

I was finally able to pick up my sister and BIL.  They were stuck in Dubai, then Atlanta, and finally Huntsville...40 miles from me and I couldn't get to them!  I tried last night...their flight was delayed...the road I needed to be on to get to them closed...I had to turn around and come sad!  But...I got up this morning and went to Huntsville.  Some black ice and some traffic backed up and creeping along...but, that's all behind us...they're home and we're happy!

I'm getting snow blind and decided to look for a little color; hence, my blog title!





That last one's not so white, but is colorful!




  1. Awwww.... little Chancey looks like a snowball! Beautiful picures of your place, Debbie~ and so glad you were able to rescue your sis!!

  2. I'm about 200 miles south of Huntsville where there is not as much snow but really, really cold! I'm promising not to complain about the heat this summer. Just ready for it to be warm.