Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rezzolutions? Not really...

My 2011 resolutions?  Well, not resolutions, but life changes.  And I love a list!  Fortunately, this is not a big list...just big changes.

1. Use the word "no" this year.

I have a problem saying no to anything.  I always say yes and then I regret my decision.  And resent the people who ask.

Why does everyone expect "yes"?  Because I don't work, I have no children at home anymore, and my husband works out of town (which hopefully he'll stop doing this year...but believe me....I'm not holding my breath!).

This means I have all the time in the world, right?  NO!  See #2...

2.   Spend more time for me.

This goes hand in hand with #1 and the people I will be saying "no" to will not understand this.  

So...what does "spending more time for me" mean?  I'm not sure, yet...I've never done this.  I'm hoping it means spending more time on my health (yeah...yeah...I really mean losing weight, just didn't want to say it!), taking time to enjoy my husband, travel more, quilt for me if I want to!

In other selfish with my time!

3.  Not let my brain fall out of my mouth!

This is a big one!

I have a bad habit of saying things without thinking about them first.  I can be really blunt, rude, and hurtful.  Especially to the people I love.  Some people would call it being honest.  It's not's just me being mean.  I know it...and I will stop it!  (This also pertains to comes from being resentful, therefore being mean to the people I can't say no to.)

                                         That's the end of that.  AMEN!

"I've got sunshiiiiiiiiine on a clouuuuuudy daaaaaaaaay!"

It's a nasty, dark, rainy day here...not helping my mood!  But, I'm going to do better!  I think I'll go back to bed, then get up back up and eat breakfast and then...go to the sewing room and put the quilt I finished (for me!) on the quilting frame and get it quilted!






  1. I love your "life change" list, Miss Debbie- I feel the same way! I would love to have the guts to say no a whole lot more and make time for the things I want to do...
    Hope you're staying dry down your way- we've had a ton of rain here today!!

  2. I couldn't have said it better about myself... Amen to everything you said. Happy New Year.


  3. My brother said: Sure you will.

  4. To My Dear Anonymous Brother: I guess if I were "perfect" like you...I wouldn't have to make any changes!

  5. Happy New Year! Your changes sounds a lot like mine. Can't wait to see the quilting you do for yourself! Take Care :)

  6. "Not let my brain fall out of my mouth!" HA! Love the way your phrased that. Best of luck in keeping your resolutions!!