Saturday, January 8, 2011



We're suppose to get a few flakes around here tomorrow.  Probably 4-8 says the weatherman...maybe 10.  TEN!  What?  Nooooooo!  And it's probably not just snow, but snow/ice mix.  I don't have a generator!  If the power goes out...I'll have to cook on the the snow...and the ice!

My sister and brother-in-law were suppose to fly in from Iraq (where they are working) on Monday morning.  Right now, they won't be!  Delta has canceled all flights into Atlanta and they're stuck in Dubai.  I'm sure she's not a happy camper!

Now for some quilting pictures...hope you don't mind!

I guess I'm going to try to stay warm sewing binding onto a quilt.  I finished a scrappy log cabin (except for the binding).  It has 72 different fabrics in it.  Here's a sneak peek:


I've also started a bow tie quilt with the same fabrics, but have set it aside for a was "getting on my nerves":


And I guess I forgot to show the quilt and accessories I gave 'Bama Girl for Christmas.





Dresden pillow:


And final pillow:


Speaking of 'Bama Girl...she got her LSAT scores back and made a 162 (YAY!)...with that score and her GPA of 3.98...we're hoping for some good scholarship money to law school!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Guess I'll go take a shower and then spend some time with the Hubs!




  1. I bet they ARE disappointed. We just aren't supposed to have all of this winter weather in Alabama.

    Love all your work - SO pretty!

  2. So sorry about your sis and b-i-l, Debbie... they must be very frustrated!
    I love Bama Girls' quilt and accesories- those fabrics are so pretty together!
    Hope you're staying warm and not snowed in- 3 inches for us so far but it's still coming down.