Friday, January 30, 2009


No, not the show...the real thing!  'Bama Girl's roommate called Tuesday at about 7pm and said that she and the BF were taking her to the Emergency Room.  'Bama Girl had been sick for about a week and had passed out several times.  (What I found out later was...14 times!)  So...David and I hit the road to Tuscaloosa about 7:30 and got there by 10.  They said she had a virus.  A virus?  Whatever!

We took her to a motel and spent a very restless night, then woke up and brought her home.  I took her to our doctor Thursday morning and he wanted to admit her, give her an IV and run tests.  Okay...but did she want to go?  NO.  And can I make a twenty year old go?  NO.  So, I brought her back home, filled her up with liquids (she was extremely dehydrated!).  She ate...a little. 

This morning, we took her back to Tuscaloosa.  If we hadn't, I think she might have walked there.  She had a test!  She couldn't miss it!  She had already missed almost a week of classes!  Am I a bad mother?   I spent 10 hours on the road driving her back and forth.  3 sleepless nights.  And unknown amounts of money for doctor's bills.  Aaaand....I'll do it again....if I have to!  (Can you tell I have lots of guilt for leaving her up there?  Even though I know I've done everything I can?)


                   It doesn't matter how old you are, you'll still be my baby!


Anyway...this is my explanation for not blogging for a while.  (Sorry...I said no more baby pictures...I lied!)




  1. Oh, my- she had something!! There are some really nasty viral bugs going around and they seem to be getting nastier every year. She must be a very dedicated student to insist on getting back for her test; I hope she did well on it. Don't feel guilty about leaving her at school; she was in much better shape when you left her than when you picked her up because she was at least rested, hydrated and fed. They are always our babies and we always want to take care of them when they are sick. And - Micheal Buble', uh? I think I know who he is and I do like him. Another one is Josh something that starts with a B but I can't remember his last name. Seems we have a lot in common! Till next time - stay warm and safe! Sharon

  2. Hey Debbie, I hope bamagirl will be okay. I know it's hard but once they turn 18 what is a parent to do other than love them and try to give them advice. Get some rest and my prayers are with bamagirl. Take Care :)

  3. They never stop being your babies. My 32 year old won't let me baby him anymore but I would if I thought I could wrestle that 6'2" 200 lb and make him stay in bed when he's sick as a dog, instead of working another 14 hour day. *sigh*

    I know Bama girl secretly loved being taken care of and I hope she's feeling much better.

  4. Good greif, that poor baby was sick. She still needs momma to take care of her sometimes, even if she thinks she doesn't. Hope she is all better soon.

  5. oh man, i can't imagine your worry over your daughter. i sure hope she is better and is over whatever she had but tests seem like the right thing to do maybe. the passing out scares me. i'll be thinking of you all and i hope she's well and you can rest a little. take care. let us know how everything is going.

  6. Debbie, so sorry to hear about Bama Girl. No need to feel guilty, although I know that's easier said than not done. At 20, they make their own decisions. I'll keep her in my prayers. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

  7. I hope bamagirl is doing much better! Of course she's your baby forever! Take care of yourself, too.
    Hugs, Susan

  8. I am so sorry that she is too old for you to force care on. How bloomin' frustrating!! I will pray for Bama Girl to continue to heal! And I will pray for your peace of mind too.

    14 TIMES! My kids would be toast.

    You are a good Momma.

    I am proud of her for taking school so seriously - part of you had to grugdingly conceed what a blessing that is, right?

  9. Oh dear... bless her heart. And bless yours too, Miss Debbie!! Maybe you can both get some rest!!

  10. Hey, How is bamagirl? Stop by I have something for you. Take Care :)

  11. Poor Bama Girl-and poor you and hubby!! I so hope she recovers to 100% of her usual perky active self! I know you wish you could keep her home and watch over her yourself. I don't like to think about the day my girls leave the nest and make all of their own decisions. Will say a prayer for you all!

  12. Hey, Debbie. I've been missing you! I sure hope all is well with you and your family - especially Bama Girl since she wasn't so well with your last post! Just wanted you to know I was checking in on you. Till later -- Sharon