Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good:  It's a new year.  new beginnings.  New quilts, new projects.  New blog friends.

The Bad:  'Bama Girl and Auburn Guy have left.  The Sugar Bowl was a bust!   I'm a year older (not so much wiser).  

The Ugly:  My son may not be "Auburn Guy" much longer. 

                       1.  He hates the PhD program.

                       2.  He hates Auburn.

                       3.  He's not sure if psychology is the field he wants to continue in.

                       4.  He's homesick.

There are a lot of other issues, but this is not the forum to air them in.  Just keep him in your thoughts and maybe he will make the right decision.  I'm not sure what the "right " decision is...but he has to handle this himself.  That's my brain talking...not my heart.  (Because my heart is breaking for him).   :(

I hate being such a "Debbie Downer", but I hope you understand.   I'm sure things will get better...tomorrow's another day!  But today...I think I'm going to have to get the color bottle out, because I've turned gray overnight!





  1. Although your son is much further along in his studies, my girl just put me through the same worries for a few weeks. Was a Psycholgy major , changed her mind, hated the school etc. I know how you feel because you see your kid have their hopes and dream crumble and you are powerless to help. Mine's in the middle of a transfer.
    Remember these "smart and hard working" young people will decide what to do and survive taking a few curves or U-turns on their career paths and be stronger for it.
    Just be there to "listen" when they call to talk and be ever grateful that you have them.
    Can you tell I'm in a bit of a "funk" after reading more stories about Jett Travolta?

  2. Auburn Guy is in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hey Debbie, I can't wait to see the quilts and other projects you do this year.

    As far as Auburn Guy you know as a mother one of the hardest things we do is letting them make their own decisions. Oh I know how hard that is. I can tell you that my oldest went through the same thing and as I was concerned he was on the right path to a bright future. He got a job offer and called and said mom I think I'm going to quit college and take this job. Oh my heart sank! He has been with this company for the past 7 years and through them has taken courses to gained promotions. He is now one of only 4 people in the USA that can do certain jobs. He made the decision that was right for him at the time and made the best out of it. Now I can tell you that if I would have made that decision for him he would't have taken that job and would have finished college.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Auburn Guy and my heart goes out to you. Take Care :)

  4. I believe things will work out for the best. Sometimes it takes a while to choose the right path.
    Love the hippie! Inside I still feel about 25 (wish the outside matched).
    Hugs, Susan

  5. I thought it would get a little easier as they got older, but it doesn't does it :(

  6. You know, when your kids hurt it is 10 times worse on the mother. When they are little they walk on your toes and when the are older they walk on your heart! And, unfortunately, that never ends. For me, at least, it seems my kids issues just get more and more complicated! And I've always been the "fix-it" type mother so when you can't do a thing for them, life is just miserable. I hope things work out well for your son and for you. It's a lot harder to watch our children learn life's lessons than it was to learn them ourselves. Just remember, they were God's long before they were yours and He is in control. Oh, BTW, didn't Bama look just pitiful!! :(

  7. So sorry I'm just now getting around to this post and I see from a later post that things are better. This place (blogosphere) is the best place for love and support, no matter what our problems are. Glad things are better.

  8. I missed this post the other day. I am so sorry that your heart is heavy over your kids. That is a different kind of hurt and very emotionally draining. I will pray for you and your son.

    Glad to see that you got a new toy *gasp* - I know it is a MACHINE and not a toy but I am still sore about the whole not sharing your Nick Saban thing. All of those beautiful monograms!! You are going to get a LOT more baby shower invitations now, you know that right?