Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been....GRUMPY!

I still am and probably shouldn't be writing this!  Sorry I've been away so long. 


I don't know why I'm so grouchy, but I'm so ill, I can hardly stand myself.  Maybe my age.  Maybe the weather.  Or maybe because I've had a headache since Sunday before last.  The doctor said it was tension....really?  REALLY??

(I'm throwing pictures in here to break up my tirade!)


                                     This is what Chance does...all day long! 


       He sits in the towel basket looking for people walking their dogs.

           When he sees one, he jumps down and comes to let me know.

And now...back to your scheduled program:

Maybe I'm a grump because 'Bama Girl is not speaking to me (yeah, she's alive and far as I know...she only speaks to me through text messages.  I messed up and made her mad.  I also involved someone else who didn't deserve her anger.  Long story.  I guess you can't be a mom and not step on toes sometimes!  Love hurts.) .  

Maybe I'm grouchy because hubby is working away again.  He left for Jessup, GA, although he did come home last weekend.  But...he won't be home this weekend...Valentine's Day.   BTW, I'm going to get a little more mean here!  Dear David...please don't send me flowers!  They die!  I know it's a sweet gesture, but send me something I'd a gift card from Hobby Lobby, Hancock's, Ebay...? was that for nasty?

Now don't you wish I'd stayed away a little while longer?

I have been working on a few quilts:



          If you click on this one, you can see the embroidery.

And this makes me's very bright and happy:


I've also been trying to find uses for some of my scraps, so this is what I've come up with:


                                         It's a pillowcase to match the quilt!

I really am sorry for the rant...hope I didn't leave anyone out!  Oops...I forgot Auburn Guy!  Another story for another day!  Bwahaha!  ( don't want to know about the check-out person at Wal-mart, or the visit to the eye doctor, or shopping at the grocery store...believe was not pretty!)

Guess I'll go now and take my hormone pill and a Xanax! 




  1. poor girl. hang in there. i've been a bit salty myself lately. stress is the story of my life. lol. your daughter will come around and know that you only acted out of love for her. it may be awhile but she will. i had a round with my youngest that lasted about a month and it about killed me for him to be that mad at me. just keep taking the meds and know that this too shall pass. lol. i love your projects. the black and yellow quilt is awesome. the pillowcase is pretty snazzy too. good job. take care.

  2. Renee...thanks for the pep talk!

    Mike...sorry for venting in my's just that there's nobody home to vent to. But, I really appreciate you for taking the time to hear me!

  3. Oh, my. I'm so sorry you're having a difficult time. You know, and I hope this doesn't come out wrong, I'm kinda glad someone else in this world besides me has such spells in life!!! Most of these blogs paint an entirely rosey picture of life but my life has never been entirely rosey! Life happens. And this too shall pass. My mothers always said that children walked on your toes when they were babies and on your heart when they were grown. From what I can tell, she was oh so right! Worst part is that we have to confront the fact that we are not longer in control in their life. It will only get more so. But! You'll be fine and they'll be fine. And whatever is going on with you really came out nice in those quilts! I really like the embroidery one! Hope things smooth out for you soon and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And yeah! I'm glad you back. Till later - Sharon

  4. I enjoyed your post even if you are grouchy :)I hope things look up for you soon. Maybe warmer weather is what you need. Your quilts are amazing-as always!!

  5. Between the quilts and the kids (and the grouch thing too, haha) we have a lot in common. I started quilting for my sanity - it was mindless (I hand quilt and piece) to get in zone of peace with my pieces. I could control that - the rest of my life, not so much! I didn't think it was possible that the most pain I've known in my life came from those 2 darlings I gave birth too. I feel your pain too! The hardest thing was turning in my mom card and re-creating my own life. Its a work in progress, some days better than others. Love your blog and will be back! suZen

  6. Debbie, thanks ever so much for the idea about etching the mirrors in the MH. I would never have thought of that but when I can get hubby in the right frame of mind that would be a wonderful way to tone those mirrors down. Hope you will soon be traveling in a MH as well; we could meet up on the highway. BTW, I love your puppy. Such a sweet, sweet face. I've got to get back to class now. Till later - Sharon

  7. It's OK for you be grumpy...Who isn't? We all have our ups and downs. You should have seen me last weekend. Well, not really. It wasn't a pretty sight. I was mad, depressed, whining to myself, etc. All over the beach house thing. Now maybe there's an even better house. Hang in there. Remember we used to fight with our mothers, too and we still loved them. That's how Bama girl is, too.
    Hugs, Susan

  8. Wish I had a nickel for every time my daughter got mad at me and didn't speak. It doesn't happen anymore, but when she was in her teens and 20s, we were in a constant battle. Thank goodness, we're friends now. I know you and Bama Girl will work it out. The quilts are gorgeous. I have that black and yellow fabric. I got it because it reminds me of bumble bees.

  9. Sorry about the Bama Girl thing. It's just one of those bumps in life and it will pass. That's a great idea to make pillow slips to match the quilts. I use quilts as bedspreads and I always want shams to match. Your quilts are nice. You seem to be enjoying that new machine and getting along with it just fine.

  10. It's okay to be grumpy. I think I am grumpy most of the time. Thank goodness the kids are in school and Hubby is at work. BY the time they all get home, I am a little better.

    Love the quilts!

  11. I think there has to be something in the air that is causing all this grumpiness because I've caught it too. I love the yellow and black quilt!! I spent two days walking through quilting stores and walked away with nothing to show for it. I want someone to gather all my fabrics, cut them, and hand me the pattern and then I can start the part I love......sewing them all together. Know where I can get this done? Really, I'm serious....if you know any such kits for sale. I need some sort of therapy and I think this would be good.

  12. Aw shoot Debbie. I have been out of the visiting loop. I'm sorry you didn't get to see your man on Vday, sorry you and Bama Girl had a spat, sorry for the folks that got in your way during your grumpies :)

    Your black and yellow quilt and pillow case are FABULOUS! You have talent lady.