Monday, January 12, 2009


I said I would share what I was making with the pink fabrics.  But first...a little story to go along with it.

I have friends (yes, I do have real live friends!):   The Mr.  was  my son's and daughter's teacher in high school.  We adore him.  The Mrs. is a very, very sweet person.  She is also a teacher (college).  We adore her. 

This couple has wanted a baby for as long as I've known them.  They've been on waiting lists for adoption.  They have been on the list for Chinese adoption for four (4!) years.   Finally...just before Christmas they received their letter that confirmed they would be getting a daughter.  YAY!  They are great people and I wish I could express just how wonderful they will be as parents.  She is a very lucky girl to have them as her parents!  Her name will be Katie!

Anyway...I made her a quilt!  And used my embroidery machine!  It's so, so cute! (If I say so myself!)  Here...judge for yourself:







Not great pictures (Photography is not my forte').  But...cute, huh?  If you click on the pictures, you can see my quilting....Hearts!  I hope they like it as much as I do (Gosh...I'm not patting myself on the back, it's just that I haven't sewn for a "little girl" in a while! and I'm loving my embroidery machine!) that I've bragged on myself and fished for compliments (NOT!)...




  1. that is darling. they are a lucky couple to receive such a lovely gift for their little girl. thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! It is absolutely precious! And you made it really quickly, didn't you? Can't wait to do a few of these myself. Do you use a pattern or create the design yourself? I've only made one small lap quilt in my life but I loved it and plan to really get into quilting when I retire. Your quilts are soooo pretty. I have an embroidery machine and love it, too.

  3. They could decorate an entire nursery around this beautiful quilt. I am so happy to hear a story like theirs:)
    Your future grankids will have adorable quilts I'm sure! No Pressure.....

  4. Debbie, It's BEAUTIFUL! An awesome gift I'm sure they will love it. You did an awesome job with your new machine.

    That was a great Christmas present for your friends to get the papers. I know they are truely excited.

    Take Care :)

  5. Just beautiful!! And for such a sweet meaningful occasion. I love the embroidery!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous quilt! Do you have a long arm quilting machine or do you use your regular sewing machine? You are really making me want to dust off my sewing machine. I'm so mad I missed the big quilt show this weekend. *sigh*

  7. What a lovely quilt for their new little girl! Very pretty...just right for a girl.
    Hugs, Susan

  8. Oh I love it!!!!!! I know she will love it forever!

  9. Katie's quilt is beautiful. Congrats to your friends on their new daughter.

  10. Debbie! THAT is beautiful! I think my little Brooklyn needs one, complete with her name on it, and def in pink and green! Email me when you get a chance okay, I really would love to get her one!

    Hugs!!! And congrats on the fabulous job!!!

  11. Oh Debbie that is gorgeous!!! You do such wonderful work... *sigh*

  12. That is really cute! Really, really cute. Great job!

  13. Any bragging and back patting you DESERVE! That is a gorgeous quilt!

    You make me miss my Nanny. She was a quilter and made us plenty of them. I wish that I had appreciated those quilts MORE when I was a young lady and she was giving them to me. I DID appreciate them, don't get me wrong, but they mean so much MORE to me now as an adult.

  14. That's really cute. What a nice person you are to make that for them. I have NO talent, whatsoever, with sewing or anything like that. In fact, my post tomorrow (Monday) is about my inadequacies! I so admire people with TALENT!