Saturday, June 28, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

or Freaky Friday:

We had to go to Huntsville (well, not had to...we went shopping). Of course, Bama Girl had to drive. Needless to say, we got a lot of attention!

Today, we're going to see the new movie Wall-E...I've seen the previews and it really looks cute. I'll let you know.

Best buds watching TV...must be really interesting...

Cartoons? No!

Animal Planet? No!

What Not to Wear...Of course!

On the remodeling front: Countertops will be here Tuesday...I hope...we'll see...I'm not very optimistic. Because they have taken so long, I've had to reschedule the flooring. But, if they do come Tuesday, my tile for the bathroom and kitchen floors will be installed on Wednesday; flooring and carpet for the other rooms will be done on the 7th and 8th.

Auburn Guy is still home, but he'll be leaving after the July 4th weekend...I think he's kinda bored here! 'Bama Girl moves back in on August 12th and starts band camp. Sometime in the middle of all this and the remodeling, I'm probably flying to Wyoming and then David and I will be driving back home doing some sightseeing on the way. Oh...just for you to know, something is wrong with keeps removing comments and other things. (I'm thinking I'll change to something else).

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!




  1. The car is too cute. I wish I still had my Jeep Liberty. I'd fix her up like that. But somehow, I don't think it would work on a Hundai (sp?) Sonata. Vann didn't like my Liberty and talked me into trading it for the Sonata. I've been sorry ever since.

  2. Hey girl,I love the vehicle, are those magnetic-is that your car or hers? You come to Huntsville and don't let me know!!!!! When is Chili's opening so we can meet and eat? Sounds like you have been having a busy summer-I miss my Bama girl-I guess I'm going to have to go see here she's not going to come home! I sblogger really losing comments? is that why I haven't got many lately?
    Come visit my blog-and by the way I'm jonesing to cook a roast and make roastsalad.:o)
    HUGS and be blessed!

  3. Just so everyone knows - No, this is not my car! It's 'Bama Girl' if you see her around, HONK! And...they're vinyl...we had sheets of it (signmaker's vinyl) and cut the flowers out...tedious! But they are removable! (also tedious!)

  4. Love the Flower Power!! We like to watch What Not To Wear here too. I'm always telling my girls to recommend me to the show.

  5. CUTE CAR !!!!!(it seems flowers on cars are quite the thing these days!) ..... and "What not to Wear" ..... I watch that too, ... then I cringe to think how they'd REALLY have a field day in my closet!!!!

  6. I love the flower power car. It still reminds me of something from the 70's.

  7. you have inspired me. I drive a green VW Beetle and have always wanted to put flowers on it but dh thinks its a dumb idea. He's a car fanatic and drives a very masculine truck BUT since gas prices have soared he has been driving the Bug more as his trip to work is way farther than mine. I think it's the perfect time to "Flower Power" the Bug or "The Booger" as we call it(green you see LOL)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  8. I love what you did with the car.
    It looks great! I need to get on with my projects, too but the weather got so hot...I slacked off.
    I half a wall to paint plus the cabinets. Now if it would only stay below 95 degrees I could get something done.

  9. The vehicle is too cute! I love it! Sounds like you had fun doing this.

  10. How did you put the flowers on the car? So Cool! I bet you did get a lot of attention. lol Take Care :)

  11. Just a quick hello! I hope that you are having a great week.

    Be blessed.


  12. I'll bet Bama girl's car did turn a few heads!
    I started singing the Partridge Family theme when I saw that picture.... c'mon get happy! LOL

  13. That car is so cute, my dd would love a car like that. Luckily she lives in the city, so she uses the subway to get around rather than a car, otherwise I could see us having to fork out money for that...LOL

    Gill from Canada.

  14. Ok, you've been gone too long again. We're missing you!